One Wallet Burns 20M SHIB, 37M Shiba Inu Burned in 24 Hours, Rewards 19M

Shiba Inu: New Whale Wallet Grabs 136.86 Billion SHIB as Price Drops Zero

Over the course of the last 24 hours, eight different burn transactions totaling 37.45 million SHIB were carried out by the Shiba Inu Community. One wallet consumes 19.8 million SHIB. 

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19.8M SHIB Burned by a Single Wallet

A massive 19.86 million SHIB were transferred in one go to the “inferno” addresses by the Major Community-led SHIB Burn Project.

Recently, “SHIB Super Store,” the most popular SHIB Burn Project, announced a significant burn transaction. According to the report, the individual burn project used the SHIB Burn Portal to complete a big transaction that permanently removed a startling 19,862,288 (19.86M) SHIB from circulation just a short while ago.

Afterward, SHIB Super Store announced that, in addition to Burn, the project has successfully given out 19,000,000 (19M) SHIB to community members.

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According to the SHIB Super Store’s official Twitter account, the initiative has obliterated a great 3,271,044,875 (3.27B) SHIB. Since November 2021, the project has been devoted to burning SHIB, continually demonstrating its dedication to doing so in the upcoming years.

Regardless, the second-largest canine-themed cryptocurrency in the world, SHIB, continues to attract millions of dollars from wealthy investors. A massive 555,818,134,743 (555.81B) SHIB was amassed by two powerful Shiba Inu Whales in exchange for $5,442,787 ($5.44M).

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