Official Launch of Terra Classic Casino With 26 Billion LUNC to Burn

Casino and Terra

Terra Casino officially launches as the community voices concerns on the bookie’s LUNC Burn Transparency.

Terra Casino, an online bookmaker devoted to slamming LUNC, has officially launched. The casino’s creators announced the start on Twitter, writing:

“Hello, #TerraClassic and #LunaClassicCommunity We are delighted to announce that our doors are open.”  

Regardless of what payment method players choose to use to wager on their preferred games, the casino said it would burn 0.2% of all LUNC bets.

“We are burning 0.2% of ALL betting volume (whichever currency you use) on #LUNC,” it said.

Rex Harrison, also known as Rexzy, the developer of Terra Classic, previously declared that a new casino supporting LUNC burns would launch soon. TerraCVita, an independent Terra Classic development company, reports that the casino could burn up to 24 billion LUNC within six months.

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Casino Users Express Concern With LUNC Burn Transparency

Many players from the Terra Classic community have gone to Terra Casino since it first opened to place bets on their preferred games. Terra Casino announced this in a tweet, which stated that it was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and love for the betting site.

Nevertheless, some fans of Terra Classic have expressed their reservations about the casino on Twitter. In order to track Terra Casino’s LUNC burn, LUNC holders have raised worry that Terra Casino is a centralized betting platform.

Terra Casino stated that it has started burning tokens and would shortly offer an update, further reiterating its commitment to burning 0.2% of all betting volumes on the website.

Online bookmaker, Terra Casino, wants to burn billions of LUNC tokens by using 0.2% of its betting volume. According to the casino’s website data, 398,791 LUNC have been burnt since going live.

The bookmaker offers both casino and sports betting options. Some of the casino games it supports are different versions of Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Sic Bo. The bookmaker also offers a Live Casino that simulates a real-world casino for bettors.

Sports betting is also available at Terra Casino, enabling customers to bet on their favorite sporting events, including NBA, English Premier League, and FIFA World Cup.

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