Notcoin Soars 15% as TON Blockchain Shatters Records: What’s Driving the Surge?

Notcoin Surges 15% After Airdrop: Could It Triple to $0.045?

Notcoin (NOT) has experienced a remarkable surge, climbing over 15% on Friday and breaking above the $0.20 mark. Despite a slight decline of 4.49% in the past 24 hours, the token remains up 4.73% in the past week, defying the broader market downturn.

NOT 7-days Price Action. Source| CoinMarketCap.

Notcoin’s Ties to the TON Blockchain

Notcoin is a token on the TON blockchain, airdropped to users of the popular Telegram-based “tap to earn” game. This game has quickly gained immense popularity, even drawing praise from Telegram CEO Pavel Durov for its high level of user engagement. In fact, the game’s success has been a significant factor in the growth of the TON blockchain.

TON’s Remarkable Rally

This upward movement for Notcoin coincides with a broader rally in the TON blockchain ecosystem. TON itself has broken through its previous all-time high, briefly surpassing the $8.00 mark for the first time since the coin’s launch. As a result, this reflects a growing interest and activity within the TON blockchain.

Driving Factors

The growing popularity of various Telegram-based “x to earn” games, such as Hamster Kombat and Yescoin, has driven this increased activity and adoption on the TON blockchain. These games have reportedly attracted tens of millions of participants worldwide, although there are questions about the extent to which bots have inflated these numbers.

Simplicity Boosts Engagement

Nonetheless, the simplicity of signing up, getting a wallet, and participating in these games has undoubtedly boosted TON blockchain activity and statistics. This ease of user participation has been a key factor in the platform’s growing adoption.

Surging Daily Active Wallets

Source| Tonstat

Currently, the highest number of daily active wallets on the TON blockchain stands at over 547,000, according to data from Tonstat. This figure is on a clear upward trajectory, highlighting the increasing adoption and usage of the TON blockchain, driven by the popularity of its associated games.

The surge in Notcoin prices and the record-breaking performance of the TON blockchain demonstrate the growing interest and activity within this ecosystem. The success of the “x to earn” games, coupled with the simplicity of user engagement, has been the driving force behind this remarkable growth.

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