Notcoin Price Prediction: Can It Break All-Time High and Reach $0.037 Amid Market Optimism?

Notcoin (NOT) 24-hour Price Analysis: A Precarious Perch on Support's Edge of $0.015

Open interest in Notcoin (NOT) has climbed 2.49% in the past 24 hours. Additionally, 69% of traders across exchanges have taken long positions, signaling strong investor confidence in Notcoin’s potential upswing.

Emerging Bullish Pattern Despite Recent Dip

Notcoin’s price reached $0.01398 during European trading hours on Tuesday, following a 4.5% decline over the previous day. Concurrently, the 24-hour trading volume dropped by 14%. However, a bullish pattern is taking shape, which could propel Notcoin to new all-time highs if it materializes.

Charting a Path to $0.037

Over the past two weeks, Notcoin’s price has consolidated, moving sideways with decreasing trading volume. Nevertheless, the asset has established a solid support level around $0.0136 during this period.

NOT/USD Price Analysis. Source| TradingView

Currently, NOT price trends below both the 50-day and 200-day simple moving averages on the 4-hour chart. Furthermore, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) sits below the midpoint at 43, suggesting a non-bullish price action.

If bulls maintain momentum, Notcoin’s price could surge 18% to hit the upper range boundary near $0.01778. Moreover, a breakout from the falling wedge pattern could trigger a 109% price increase to $0.0294, matching its previous yearly high.

NOT/USD Price Analysis. Source| TradingView

Confluence of Bullish Signals

Notcoin’s current price aligns perfectly with the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level, reinforcing the existing support structure. A bounce from this level could catapult Notcoin’s price to the 0.27 Fibonacci extension level around $0.038, shattering its all-time high and representing a 170% increase from the current price.

Adapting to Growing Competition

While Notcoin has enjoyed significant success in the gaming and meme coin sectors, it now faces competition from emerging tap-to-earn projects on the TON network, such as Hamster Kombat and Tapswap. To maintain its relevance and dominance in the TON gaming niche, Notcoin’s developers have introduced earning missions and burned 210 million NOT tokens worth over $3 million.

In conclusion, Notcoin’s price analysis reveals exciting potential for surpassing its all-time high. However, the project must continue to adapt and innovate to stay ahead in the increasingly competitive TON ecosystem.

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