Notcoin (NOT) Price Predictions 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 | Is Notcoin Worth Holding?

Notcoin (NOT) Breakout Alert: This Altcoin Could Skyrocket to $0.045


Cryptocurrencies continue to shape the global financial landscape, introducing novel ways of transaction, investment, and technology utilization. Among these innovative digital currencies is Notcoin (NOT), which started as a viral Telegram game designed to onboard users into Web3 on the TON blockchain. Notcoin takes a unique approach, emphasizing community engagement and participation through its “tap-to-earn” mechanic. This article provides an in-depth look at Notcoin, its features, and detailed price predictions from 2024 to 2035. Additionally, we’ll explore the investment potential of Notcoin and guide you on how to buy and securely store it.

Cryptocurrency Overview

What Is Notcoin (NOT)?

Notcoin (NOT) is a community-driven cryptocurrency that utilizes the TON blockchain. It originated as a viral game on Telegram, designed to introduce users to Web3. The project’s website only directs users to its Telegram community and social media accounts, with a whitepaper that is literally blank, symbolizing a unique approach to the typical project documentation.

Key Features of Notcoin:

  • Tap-to-Earn Mining Mechanic: Users can earn NOT tokens by discovering Web3 products, participating in games, and adding value to the ecosystem.
  • Community Token: NOT is largely a community token, with users earning it through various interactions and contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Notcoin Explore: This feature allows users to explore new Web3 products and earn NOT in the process, incentivizing interaction and engagement.
  • Token Burning: The team plans to burn tokens from the total supply once the project goes live on-chain, potentially reducing the total supply and impacting the token’s value.

Token Distribution

The total supply of Notcoin is 102,719,221,714 tokens, distributed as follows:

  • Binance Launchpool: 3%
  • Miners: 78%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 9%
  • Community Incentives: 5%
  • Development: 5%

Notcoin Price Predictions by Year

To forecast Notcoin’s future prices, we analyze various market trends, technological advancements, and potential partnerships. Below are the predicted maximum, average, and minimum prices for Notcoin from 2024 to 2035:

YearMax PriceAvg PriceMin Price

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Detailed Yearly Predictions


In 2024, Notcoin’s price is expected to range between $0.1 and $0.5, with an average price of around $0.2. Factors influencing this price include:

  1. Community Growth: The size and activity of Notcoin’s community will significantly impact demand and price.
  2. Market Trends: General cryptocurrency market trends will influence Notcoin’s price movements.
  3. Technological Updates: Any updates or enhancements to the Notcoin platform can attract more users and investors.
  4. Token Burns: The initiation of token burns can reduce supply and potentially increase price.


By 2025, Notcoin’s price could range between $0.7 and $1, with an average price of around $0.8. Influencing factors include:

  1. Adoption Rate: Increased adoption of Notcoin for various Web3 activities can drive demand.
  2. Partnerships: Strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects can enhance Notcoin’s visibility and utility.
  3. Market Sentiment: Positive market sentiment towards community-driven tokens can attract more investors.
  4. Ecosystem Development: Expansion of the Notcoin ecosystem, including new features and functionalities, can boost demand.


In 2030, Notcoin’s price is expected to stabilize between $1 and $2, with an average price of around $1.7. Key factors influencing this prediction include:

  1. Platform Maturity: By 2030, Notcoin is likely to have a mature platform with a stable user base.
  2. Interoperability: Enhanced interoperability with other blockchain platforms can increase Notcoin’s utility.
  3. Ecosystem Growth: Continued growth and development of the Notcoin ecosystem will drive demand.
  4. Market Trends: Overall trends in the cryptocurrency market will impact Notcoin’s price.


By 2035, Notcoin’s price could range between $1.8 and $2.5, with an average price of around $2. Factors contributing to these predictions include:

  1. Long-Term Adoption: Sustained adoption of Notcoin for various Web3 activities can significantly increase demand.
  2. Technological Advancements: Ongoing advancements in blockchain technology and the Notcoin platform will enhance its utility.
  3. Regulatory Environment: A favorable regulatory environment can boost investor confidence and demand.
  4. Market Sentiment: Positive market sentiment towards decentralized, community-driven projects can attract more investors.

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Buying Guide

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Buy Notcoin (NOT)

Choosing an Exchange

Notcoin tokens are available on several exchanges, including Bybit, OKX, and Select an exchange that best suits your needs in terms of fees, security, and user interface.

Setting Up an Account

Once you have chosen an exchange, you need to set up an account. This typically involves providing some personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. You may also need to go through a verification process, which can include submitting identification documents.

Selecting Payment Methods

After your account is set up and verified, you need to link a payment method. Most exchanges accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and sometimes even PayPal. Choose the payment method that best suits your needs.

Purchasing Notcoin

Once your account is funded, you can purchase Notcoin tokens. Navigate to the Notcoin trading pair on your chosen exchange and execute your purchase. You can choose to buy NOT tokens at the current market price or place a limit order at your desired price.

Storing Notcoin Securely

After purchasing Notcoin tokens, it is essential to store them securely. While you can keep them in your exchange wallet, it is generally more secure to transfer them to a private wallet, such as a hardware wallet, especially if you plan to hold them long-term. Follow best practices for securing your wallet and private keys to protect your investment.

How Can Crypto Investors Use Notcoin (Not)?

Buy and Hold

One option for crypto investors is to buy Notcoin tokens and hold onto them, hoping that their value will increase over time. This strategy is suitable for investors who believe in the long-term potential of Notcoin and want to accumulate as many tokens as possible.


Another option is to trade Notcoin tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. This involves buying and selling tokens as their prices fluctuate. Trading requires more active involvement and a good understanding of market trends and trading strategies. Successful traders can capitalize on short-term price movements to generate profits.

Use The Platform

Investors can also use the Notcoin platform to perform tasks and earn Notcoin tokens as payment. This approach provides an opportunity to “earn while you learn” and gain a deeper understanding of the platform. Engaging with the platform can also help investors stay informed about new developments and potential investment opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Notcoin Have a Future?

Yes, Notcoin has a promising future, driven by its unique community-driven approach and potential for widespread adoption in the Web3 space. Continued development, engagement, and ecosystem growth are expected to contribute to its long-term success.

Will Notcoin (Notcoin) Reach $2?

While precise price predictions are speculative, reaching $2 is within the realm of possibility for Notcoin, especially considering its utility and potential for widespread adoption. Factors such as market trends, technological advancements, and strategic partnerships will play a significant role in determining its future price.

Is Notcoin Secure?

Notcoin prioritizes security through its integration with the TON blockchain and adherence to best practices in blockchain security. However, users should exercise caution and follow security protocols when interacting with the protocol to ensure their investments are protected.


Notcoin holds significant promise for revolutionizing community-driven decentralized commerce and engagement within the Web3 ecosystem. With its innovative approach, robust technology, and commitment to community participation, Notcoin is well-positioned for future growth and adoption. However, it is essential to recognize the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and exercise diligence when investing in Notcoin or any other digital asset. Staying informed, conducting thorough research, and following best security practices are crucial steps for making informed investment decisions in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

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