Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction: Can It Reach $0.03 in 2024?

Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction: Can It Reach $0.03 in 2024?

The Notcoin (NOT) price has surged above par, indicating a bullish move is imminent. The bearish influence over the rally appears to have faded away, and the token is now primed for a fresh upswing towards new highs.

Notcoin’s Meteoric Rise and Liquidity Surge

Since its launch, Notcoin has garnered immense attention due to its monstrous price moves. As a result, the token has always been under deep observation. Notably, Notcoin has gained a significant amount of liquidity with only a minor price rise, with trading volume remaining between $800 million and $1 billion during bearish times.

Positive Sentiment and Viral Popularity

Despite the ongoing correction, Notcoin was among the tokens that recorded huge search volumes, indicating the positive sentiments of traders. What started as a viral Telegram game, the NOT price soon entered among the top traded tokens.

Primed for a Bullish Explosion

After experiencing excessive compression, we expect the price to explode in the coming days, potentially elevating levels beyond the current high of $0.02. The chart below displays the rise and fall of the NOT price rally, suggesting that the selling volume has drained off. The price maintains an ascending consolidation and appears to have fulfilled both the upside and downside waves. Consequently, the token is now getting ready for a fresh bullish wave.

NOT Price Analysis. Source| TradingView

Bullish MACD Crossover and Key Resistance Levels

Considering the MACD, the levels are close to undergoing a bullish crossover, which may lift the levels above the negative range. The key resistance levels for the Notcoin (NOT) price are at $0.02 and $0.025 (the current ATH). If these levels are achieved, the next bullish push may propel the price close to $0.03 after breaking the final resistance at $0.025.

The Notcoin (NOT) price is poised for a potential 100% bull run in June. The bullish momentum is gathering strength, and the token is primed for a bullish explosion in the coming days. Investors and traders should closely monitor the key resistance levels and the MACD crossover to capitalize on the potential upside.

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