NFT Company, Coinllectibles Partners with OKEx NFT Marketplace

NFT Company, Coinllectibles Partners with OKEx NFT Marketplace

The NFT industry continues to grow with new collaborations daily. Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT Company Coinllectibles has sealed a partnership deal with OKEx NFT marketplace to auction the world’s first Fusion NFTs.

Coinllectibles to auction 3 Fusion NFTs

Yahoo Finance revealed this development on September 2, 2021. The report stated that the first 3 Fusion NFTs for auctions are ceramic artworks and part of the 2021 Bronze Series 1 Coinllectibles. The NFTs value ranges between HKD 500 000 (USD64,300) to HKD 1,000,000 (USD128,600). 

Embedded within these minted Coinllectibles are the ownership rights, which would also carry the appraisal report given by an independent valuer.

Bidders who successfully purchased these Fusion NFTs will be the first to own such a Coinllectible globally. In addition, these coinllectibles will be physically displayed strictly by invitation only at the NFT Art Gallery at Hong Kong’s reputable Victoria Dockside, launched later this year.

These bidders will be named the new owner of the collectibles and given access to visit the gallery and display the physical collectibles in their private galleries.

Major Milestone for Coinllectibles

At the launch of the Coinllectibles Fusion NFT, the CEO of Coinllectiibles, Toby O’Connor, said, ‘’This is an important first step as it will set a precedent for the subsequent Fusion NFTs™️ we will be launching. We already have a pipeline of curated collectible Fusion NFTs™️ that we will be launching, as well as outreach events lined up.“

He further stated, “In terms of the sale of the Fusion NFTs™️, we expect them to do well. Alongside a good market environment for NFTs, we feel the Coinllectibles™️ Fusion NFTs™️ are nicely differentiated. In addition, successful bidders are buying a piece of history in the making.  

Dr. Herbert Lee, Advisory Board Chairman of Coinllectibles, shared his delight in the partnership and noted that the ceramic artworks are about to find new owners. He added that Coinllectibles would continue to invest resources to enhance Fusion NFTs in the blockchain industry. 

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