New York Residents Kick Against Anti-Bitcoin Mining Law

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A group of concerned New York citizens have launched a new campaign to mobilise citizens to vote against the proposed bill to ban the mining of Bitcoin.

What to Know About the Bill

A few well-recognised senators proposed the bill with code A.7389C / S.6486C to place a three-year ban on the mining of Bitcoin due to the amount of fossil fuel consumed in mining this cryptocurrency. 

According to the bill, the gas plants responsible for providing electricity to the Bitcoin miner pose an environmental degradation problem.

To further push against the bill, which was initially frowned at when it was first made public earlier this year, New York residents have taken an even bolder step by voting against the bill in its totality.

Each individual’s vote will be forwarded to the assembly member representing the zone.

This campaign has gained more momentum as interested Bitcoin lovers in New York, committed to fighting this anti-Bitcoin law in New York, are submitting their full names, emails, mobile numbers, home addresses and zip codes. 

In addition, the campaign has created a pre-configured message, which reads:

“As a voter from your district, I am asking that you please vote no on (A.7389C / S. 6486C), the bill being pushed in a last-minute effort to restrict the growing crypto mining industry.” 

They emphasised how Bitcoin mining has not only created jobs for New Yorkers but actively added millions of dollars to the city’s economy, stating:

“This industry also has the potential to improve grid resilience and increase investment into green and renewable energy assets.” 

It’s also worth noting that the bill still has a long way to go if it is ever going to materialise, as it is still being considered for deliberation in the House of Assembly. And it is only after it must have been approved in the lower house of parliament before it can be moved to the senates. This, therefore, gives the residents a lot of time to air their grievances.  


New York’s Bitcoin-friendly Approach

Remember that New York was a haven for Bitcoin miners after the total crack-down on the cryptocurrency’s transaction and mining in China.

The friendly approach of New York Bitcoin can be traced back to the election of Eric Adams as the city’s mayor.

At his inauguration, the mayor even disclosed that he would receive his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, urging schools to teach students about cryptocurrencies and all their benefits and opportunities. 

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