New Whale Amassed 3T SHIB Due to Shiba Inu Bulls

Shiba Inu Aims for 50% Price Spike to $0.000034

Shiba Inu (SHIB) token accumulation among whales is still strong, as evidenced by the newly-activated whale address that recently accumulated up to 3.3 trillion tokens worth $38.9 million. 

The whale address has also accumulated one billion PAW tokens. 

This development occurs at the beginning of the recent price increase for SHIB following yesterday’s drop from the $0.000012 region.

According to information from Whale Alert, the blockchain tracking and analytics system that first made the transaction known to the public, the transaction took place today at 12:21 (UTC).

The sender address transferred money through five other addresses before it arrived at the final receiving wallet, according to Etherscan data.

A few minutes after acquiring the SHIB tokens, the recipient address also acquired 1 billion PAW tokens. 

The whale address is currently the 30th largest SHIB holder with a balance of $38.8M worth of Shiba Inu. 

Whether the PAW coins are connected to the PawZone ecosystem is still being determined, and they currently have no value.

Recall that PawZone previously disclosed the impending introduction of its official token, “PAW,” on the upcoming Shibarium L2 network. 

One of the many initiatives that have expressed interest in constructing on Shibarium is PawZone.

PawZone’s developer further cautioned investors against purchasing counterfeit tokens because their coin has yet to be used.

SHIB Promising Price Movements

The 26th largest SHIB whale added 150 billion tokens to her balance in prior transactions that preceded this most recent SHIB accumulation move. 

On January 23, four transactions spread over three hours resulted in the accumulation of these tokens.

As a result of the widespread bullish feelings and the Shibarium hype, this pattern of whale accumulation is still there despite the upward price movements for SHIB. 

The asset is now trading at $0.00001172 after rising by 4.41% over the previous 24 hours, pushing it above the $0.0000112 mark.

Additionally, SHIB, valued at $6.43 billion, appears ready to overtake Litecoin (LTC) as the thirteenth-largest asset by market capitalization. 

The market capitalization of Litecoin is present at $6.46B.

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