MSMEs lists native token ‘’MSME’’ on Coinsbit

Blockchain business ecosystem MSMEs has announced the listing of its native token MSME Coin on popular crypto exchange Coinsbit. The listing represents a significant milestone for MSME which has developed a fast-growing community in recent months. 

MSME Coin Listed On Coinsbit 

According to the information, CoinsBit will be listing the MSME/mUSDT trading pairs from October 28,2021. Coinsbit is one of the most top crypto exchanges based in Estonia and has more than 2 million users located globally. 

Its trading platform is very liquid and processes a daily trading volume of more than $3 billion. MSME Coin holders will be able to deposit, withdraw, exchange and trade their tokens on the exchange. 

This development is a huge one for MSME and fosters the adoption of its token. Holders will be able to exchange their tokens for fiat and vice versa on Coinsbit and leverage its trading platform. 

An innovative blockchain platform

MSMEs is an innovative blockchain ecosystem that intends to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency into the world of Micro,Small and Medium enterprises. It has developed an extensive ecosystem where these businesses can have seamless access to financing based on blockchain technology. 

To achieve its goals, MSMEs plans to deploy decentralized applications that provide solutions to different aspects of the MSMEs sector. It also creates a fair token allocation process that incentivizes MSME token holders by enabling them to earn passive income from transaction fees generated withjin the MSMEs ecosystem. 

MSMEs users will be able to access financing, learn more about cryptocurrencies from the Academy and promote MSME through the MSMEs Network system. 

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