MSMEs creating value for business holders

One of the ways for businesses to grow is by integrating new technologies and payment methods into their system. The past decade has resulted in innovative payment methods that have simplified online transactions, and crypto is arguably the most revolutionary. 

The advent of bitcoin a decade ago kicked off the widespread adoption of different blockchain payment systems within the financial world. As a result, businesses now have different blockchain solutions that offer low transaction fees to reach a global customer base. 

MSMEs has emerged as a blockchain ecosystem that allows businesses to thrive and manage their funds without the obstacles involved in traditional platforms. Some of the value that businesses can gain with MSMEs includes. 

Improved Payment Processing 

When it comes to growing a business, MSMEs is very beneficial as it provides a platform for businesses to accept crypto payments easily. The MSMECOIN is built on Binance Smart Chain, one of the fastest blockchain platforms in the crypto world. 

Businesses can receive payments in MSMECOIN and avoid paying for high fees associated with traditional payment platforms. MSMEs allow businesses to accept payment for products sold and services rendered within a couple of seconds and enable customers to get what they pay for quickly. 

This improved payment processing system also enables businesses to get more customers due to the low transaction costs. 

Access to financing and funding

60% of businesses attribute their biggest problems to lack of funding or access to finance. This is primarily due to the barriers placed by traditional finance systems that discourage small businesses from seeking loans. 

MSMEs has used the power of blockchain technology to develop a decentralized finance system built on its DeFi product Truss. Truss provides a platform for businesses to seek and receive funding from investors and ensures that they receive rewards from their investments. 

Businesses will also access different financial products like saving and staking to increase their earning potentials.


MSMEs at the forefront of an innovative ecosystem 

MSMEs team has continued to make major moves with the native token MSMECOIN already listed on PancakeSwap and centralized exchange Coinsbit

Businesses can join its ecosystem by purchasing the tokens with MSMEs set to launch more than 20 applications in the coming weeks. MSMEs will also be launching a network system where users can earn rewards for promoting its ecosystem.

MSMEs has already launched a $100,000 bounty program where participants stand a chance to win free MSMECOINs. In conclusion, MSMEs is well-positioned to become a significant player in the blockchain space in the coming months. 

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