Microsoft and Qualcomm to Partner and Develop Custom AR Chips for the Metaverse

Microsoft and Qualcomm to Partner and Develop Custom AR Chips for the Metaverse

The two companies want to expand and accelerate the introduction of AR and Microsoft Mesh for the Metaverse.

Microsoft and Qualcomm to Expand and Accelerate Augmented Reality (AR) metaverse

According to an announcement on January 4, Microsoft and Qualcomm will work together to expand and accelerate Augmented Reality (AR) metaverse applications in the consumer and enterprise sectors, including the development of custom AR chips.

The two companies said they believe in Metaverse and intend to work together to advance the development of the ecosystem through a number of initiatives. This includes the development of custom AR chips to achieve a new generation of energy-efficient, lightweight AR glasses that offer a fully immersive experience.

Microsoft and Qualcomm also plan to integrate software such as Microsoft Mesh and the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform. They hope this collaboration will create a transformative experience for the next generation of head-mounted AR devices in Metaverse.

Microsoft Aims to Launch a Remote and Hybrid Meetings in 2022

Rubén Caballero, vice president of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality company, stated that that goal is to inspire and empower others to work together to create a metaverse future – one based on trust and innovation.

“With the help of services like Microsoft Mesh, we strive to provide the most secure and comprehensive set of functions to support the metaverse that unites the physical and digital world, and ultimately to convey a sense of shared presence on all devices.”

Hugo Swart, Vice President and General Manager of Extended Reality (XR) at Qualcomm, added that this collaboration marks the next step in the two companies’ joint commitments to XR and Metaverse. Swart said Qualcomm’s core XR strategy has always been to provide cutting-edge technology, purpose-built XR chipsets, and support the ecosystem through its software platform and hardware reference design.

In early November, Microsoft launched Mesh for Microsoft Teams, its promotion to Metaverse. It aims to make remote and hybrid meetings more immersive and will be launched in 2022. This is a mixed reality service that enables people from different physical locations to join the collaborative and shared holographic environment in Microsoft Teams for chats, virtual meetings, file sharing and more.

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