Metanept at the forefront of Metaverse adoption globally


Blockchain technology has evolved in the past decade to bring about new concepts that have changed how we think about finance. Why cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs have become household names in recent years, one concept beginning to take shape is the metaverse. 

The metaverse promises to incorporate a virtual world where everyone can network and communicate in real-time. In the metaverse, you can work, study, chat, unwind, attend virtual concerts and do things that are possible in the real world. 

A race has begun for the first-mover advantage in this sector, with the likes of Facebook and Microsoft announcing their intentions. The blockchain industry has also witnessed various types of metaverse projects with varying degrees of success. However, one blockchain project that can stand out in this sector is Metanept. 

What is Metanept 

Metanept is an innovative platform that intends to build a new world for the next generation of communication, e-commerce and entertainment. They want to create an open social and virtual world where everyone can explore expansive ecosystems and monetise their experience while getting acquainted with this alternate digital reality. 

Built on the Ethereum blockchain network, Metanept has leveraged the leading smart contract network to build an immersive platform. Unlike other blockchain metaverses that implement unpleasant-looking graphics. Metanept is building highly attractive full-body 3D characters to provide a realistic experience for users. 

Within the NEPT Metaverse, users can rent land, attend and host events, buy & sell assets via the marketplace, play games for rewards and many more.

Powered by an innovative native token

Metanept is powered by its native token Nept which serves as a utility and governance token. Holders of NEPT tokens can buy NFT avatars, which start out as holograms inside the Nept Metaverse. The basic hologram of the avatar will gain special features as the metaverse develops. 

Participants in the Nept Metaverse can also create additional NFT assets tailored to their avatars and environments. In addition, all NEPT token and NFT owners are eligible to participate in the Nept DAO, giving them a voice in the metaverse’s administration and integrating them into the Nept community. 

Other uses of NEPT token includes renting out or buying land and buying and selling assets on the metaverse market. Landowners in the Nept Metaverse can stake their properties, host concerts, create wearables, and monetise the use of their assets through competitions and giveaways. 

More development in the future

Metanept has made huge strides in recent months with the successful launch of NEPT tokens. It has also secured partnerships with key crypto platforms, including collaborating with Realize3 to create visually complex landscapes and cities in its metaverse. 

Furthermore, the Metanept team concluded the first NEPT token burn, which resulted in a 60% rise in the token’s value. Metanept is set to launch its first set of NFTs in the coming weeks and has already announced plans to list NEPT token on Coinstore and MEXC. This impressive development shows that the project is on the right track to success. 

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