MetaElfLand Announces NFT Public Sales


Virtual adventure ecosystem MetaElfland has announced its NFT public sale on popular decentralized exchanges and incubator platforms. 

The public sale will allow interested investors to purchase their NFTs in the form of Blind Boxes, which will be sold in two categories. The categories are; The Silver Blind Box, which will include 400 NFT pieces and sell for 258USDT(including 2 MetaElves) and the Gold Blind Box, which includes 400 NFT pieces and goes for 595USDT (including 5 MetaElves). 

In addition, through the purchase of blind boxes, players will have the opportunity to receive the Genesis Mythical MetaElves and Mysterious Co-branded MetaElves. However, the type of MetaElf from the blind box is determined randomly. Therefore, Its attribute is also arbitrary. And once a blind box is sold, it cannot be returned. 

According to the team, the public sale comes after MetaElfLand had earlier sold out their IDO on COOLSWAP, ERAX, MARSPAD and DAOStarter. 

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Important Instructions for Interested Players

The purchase must be made through BNB Chain Wallet, and players can only pay in USDT (BEP-20). Interested players must also have enough BNB in their wallet for the Gas Fee. MetaElfland currently supports Trustwallet, TokenPocket, and Metamask in web browsers and any other wallet connected via WalletConnect protocol.


Go to MetaElfLand’s official website and sign in with your BNB Chain wallet.

Official website: 

Select a language (English, Chinese, etc.). Next, click the “CONNECT WALLET” button in the upper right corner, then select the “MetaMask” wallet (for example).


To access the purchase interface, click “NFT Public Sale.”

Select one of the blind boxes.

After purchase, you can receive and view the MetaElves later via the backpack in the top right corner.

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About MetaElfLand

Following in the footsteps of AXIE, MetaElfLand hopes to lead the further development of GameFi and Play to Earn (P2E) and become the symbol of new fashion in the NFT game. The game’s built-in P2E mechanism extends the duration of player interactions. Furthermore, by collaborating with players on the IDO platform, we are expanding the Pet Metaverse project, our primary focus for future development.

MetaElfLand, like Pokemon, is a half-round and half-instant game on chain. Players can purchase or breed a variety of MetaElves, and by forming groups, they can complete the game’s Daily Tasks, PVE, and PVP to earn more rewards. Players compete in the difficult TMT E-Sports Arena using tactics and strategy. The first prize winner may receive up to 80% of the total prize pool.

To learn more about MetaElfland, check out their channels below;

Website  Telegram  Discord  Twitter

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