Mars4 Metaverse Token Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

Mars4 Metaverse Token Listed on Bittrex Global Exchange

The Mars4 protocol is a virtual play-to-earn (P2E) world that contains a virtual reality component that enables users to explore and colonize the Martian terrain. The virtual terrain of Mars4 was modelled using data collected by NASA. In this virtual world, users can buy land that can later be driven on, built and monetized.

Bittrex Global List Mars4 Metaverse Token on its Exchange

According to an announcement on January 12, Bittrex Global announced the listing of the Mars4 metaverse token on its exchange.

The Mars4 token plays a key role in the metaverse and acts as a currency for the utility and in-game economy. After the game goes live, any transaction enabled by Mars4 tokens will bring benefits to Mars4 NFT holders. Before the start of the NFT economy, the landowners of Mars were able to generate passive income from the revenues collected during the era.

Mars4 has a collection of 888 rare NFTs that are sold exclusively through auctions on the Metaverse. These rare NFTs are categorized by land features, and Mars4 has two valleys – Unicorns and Crypto – that users can search for countries named after well-known projects and influencers.

Executives Speech on the Partnership

Richard Berno, CEO of Mars4 stated that Mars4 is a GameFi ecosystem where you can explore the virtual Mars metaverse, own your land and transform it through a survival strategy game – experience the world as a Mars NFT host or an adventurous astronaut.

Stephen Stonberg, CEO of Bittrex Global stated that the Mars4 Metaverse was designed to take full advantage of the Ethereum blockchain and virtual reality technology to provide a deep and nuanced understanding of the virtual world of Mars. It was created by a group of passionate Metaverse enthusiasts with the aim to grow the community while “It’s exciting and fun and they are excited to have her on the list.

Mars4’s core team consists of world-class professionals from PwC, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Swedbank and others. In addition, two team members from Mars4 helped set up and launch the first marketplace on Second Life, the original Metaverse.

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