Look To The Right (LTTR) Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments via BTCPay Server


Bitcoin can now be used as payment by one of the most popular search engine marketers, LTTR, via BTCPay. The Raleigh-based online platform made this development known in a press release.

Look To The Right (LTTR) is an NC SEO company that claims to strive to offer top-tier search engine marketing services to its customers. Additionally, the company runs a web portal where clients can engage its management and seek its services. 

With the integration of BTCPay Server payments, the company is working hard to live up to its pledge to advocate for Bitcoin adoption. Its founder, Noah Boswell, says:

“As strong advocates for Bitcoin, we are happy to integrate a great open-source service like BTCPay on the site. We have implemented BTCPay for clients also. In addition, we love to advocate the settlement advantages of credit cards to our clients.” 

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LTTR’s Bitcoin Adoption

The search engine company adopted Bitcoin as payment in 2016. However, this latest partnership with BTCPay Server will make payments easier, faster and cheaper for clients. The founder also added,

“Although we have accepted BTC for payments since 2016, we are happy to have integrated BTCPay Server to the site for easy and seamless checkout for any client to use at any time.” 

Integrating the LTTR site with the BTCPay Server is bound to vastly expand the channels through which the company processes its payments and make it more appealing for crypto lovers to use its services.

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