Lark Davis Says “Cardano Remained in Top 10 Forever With no Utility”; ADA Community Reacts

Crypto Banter Founder Criticized For Misrepresenting Cardano

Lark Davis, a well-known cryptocurrency YouTuber, came under fire from the ADA community for his disparaging remark about the top blockchain.

Davis stated in a tweet today that Cardano continues to wow him by maintaining a position in the top 10 cryptocurrency rankings despite having limited use.

With “almost no” operational decentralized finance projects, few active retail decentralized applications (dApps), and only an average of 70K daily transactions, Cardano has persisted among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, according to Davis.

He continued by saying that despite Cardano’s limited utility, its supporters have persisted believing in its potential.

“Cardano impresses me. It has remained in the top 10 forever in spite of almost no defi, few working retail dApps, and just 70,000 transactions per day on average. And yet, ada holders continue to steadfastly believe in Cardano’s potential and the chain’s vision!” Davis tweeted.

ADA Community Reaction

As was to be expected, the Cardano community flocked to the comment area to criticize Davis for the tweet, which did not sit well with them.

The Twitter account ADA Whale, which posts the most recent Cardano news, called Davis’ tweet “strange and passive-aggressive.” 

The handler further addressed Davis, who highlighted Cardano’s successes since the blockchain became public.

ADA Whale asserted that Cardano features numerous decentralized exchanges, synthetics, and borrowing and lending protocols, contrary to Davis’ assertion. 

Furthermore, ADA Whale said that Cardano, with over $8 billion staked, is a pioneer in NFT and staking bonds.

“Also, you know as well as I do that those 70k transactions do not compare to what people on other chains do, as Cardano is UTxO based. Tokens are native assets, and we can do many transactions within a transaction. I can transfer a wallet of 200 NFTs, and it’ll be one transaction,” ADA Whale said while requesting that Davis halt the false campaign.

Other Cardano supporters, besides ADA Whale, criticized Davis for his disparaging post regarding the blockchain. 

Some members of the Cardano community charged Davis with attempting to draw attention away from his numerous crypto marketing schemes.

In the meantime, less than a month after Coindesk referred to the blockchain as a “zombie chain,” Davis published a piece about Cardano

Due to its limited utility, Coindesk predicted in an opinion piece published last month that Cardano would eventually turn into a zombie chain this year.

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