Laptopmag Describes VeChain (VET) as the Best Utility Cryptocurrency in 2021

Laptopmag Describes VeChain (VET) as the Best Utility Cryptocurrency in 2021

Laptopmag is a popular website that reviews and rates the latest in laptops and tablets. Recently, VET (the local token of the leading blockchain platform for businesses VeChain) was described as the best business-oriented cryptocurrency to buy in 2021.

Laptopmag Rates VeChain as the Best Business-oriented Blockchain

Laptopmag recently published an article entitled “Best cryptocurrencies 2021 by the utility.” In this article, only six crypto projects were shortlisted, including Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), VeChain (VET), Polkado (DOT), Cardano (ADA) and AAVE (LEND).

The article clearly pointed out the unique reasons why the shortlisted crypto projects are over other projects. In this regard, Laptopmag describes VeChain (VET) as the best business-oriented blockchain.

All of the major partnerships sealed by VeChain are also considered to be one of the main reasons blockchain projects outperform other projects. Hence, it is recommended that investors and potential cryptocurrency investors consider it one of the best cryptocurrencies in 2021.

According to Laptopmag, VeChain is an enterprise-grade blockchain that targets a variety of industries including healthcare, logistics, automobiles, and luxury goods.

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Laptopmag describes VeChain (VET) as follows:

“VeChain was originally launched as a way to thwart knock-offs. How did it work? Well, according to Decrypt, each product is given a unique identifier with sensors that track its progress throughout each supply-chain stage.”

“With this technology, companies can ensure their products are handled correctly and customers can verify their purchases are legitimate. Because VeChain uses blockchain technology, the data can’t be changed, which is a huge plus for businesses. If anything goes wrong on the supply chain (e.g. goods are shipped to the wrong place), the blockchain record will unveil where things went haywire.”

“VET is a cryptocurrency that lives on the VeChain network. The more VET an enterprise holds, the more priority it gets while using VeChain’s resources. VeChain also uses a token called VTHO, which pays for the power and energy needed to conduct transactions (like Ethereum’s gas fees). The downside of this two-token system is that it can confuse investors.”

Overall, this popular website mentions the importance of VeChain’s partnerships with well-known companies such as BMW and Sam’s Club. This is one factor that sets the leading blockchain platform for businesses apart.

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