Lamborghini Partners With NFT PRO to Launch 3D printed Space Key to Access Exclusive NFTs

Lamborghini Partners With NFT PRO to Launch 3D printed Space Key to Access Exclusive NFTs

Automobili Lamborghini has always been ready to experiment with new design, manufacturing and marketing has joined other big companies to enter the world of NFTs 

Lamborghini Introduces its 3D printed Space Key for exclusive NFT

According to a recent report on January 19, Lamborghini introduces its 3D printed Space Key for exclusive NFT, the first initiative to combine composites and 3D printing in partnership with NFT PRO

A notable element of the space-related artwork is the 3D-printed Space Key, a piece of advanced 3D-printed carbon fibre composite that boasts an incredible journey: Lamborghini sent samples to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of a joint research career. After returning from space, the composite material became part of the 3D printed Space Key. This one-of-a-kind is limited to five copies, each linked to an exclusive digital artwork by the same artist, accessible via a QR code on the back.

This fascinating endeavour was developed in partnership with NFT PRO, a white-label enterprise NFT solution. Full details of the Lamborghini Space Key project, including artist identity and auction information, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tim Bravo Speaks on the Importance of Crypto Space

Head of Communications in Lamborghini, Tim Bravo in a LinkedIn post noted that he has been truly intrigued by the blockchain and all the possibilities that this technology offers. He also mentioned that cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens are by far the most popular and at the same time maybe the least remarkable applications of the blockchain. However, he believes that their popularity pushes the door open for all those non-speculative, complex applications that will help improve our lives, and even our society.

Ever since they were the first company in the world to uncover the story of a 3D printed Lamborghini, they have been closely following all of the company’s activities with AM. In recent years, under the leadership of CEO Stephen Winkelmann, Lamborghini has achieved record commercial success and combined it with extremely effective and accessible communication and marketing initiatives.

3D printing (alongside electrification and composites) is also a key element in Lamborghini’s strategy, and the company is very open about its goals and the number of 3D printed parts it produces, particularly using carbon technology. It’s time to take it to the next level and combine all of this with NFT technology and a very intriguing element of space exploration.

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