Kanye West Doesn’t Want to Participate in NFTs Craze

Kanye West Doesn't Want to Participate in NFTs Craze

American rapper, producer and fashion designer Kanye Omari West, also known as Ye, is strongly opposed to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In his view, important objects are objects in the real world.

Kanye West Prefers Physical, Real-world Products to NFT

In a handwritten statement posted on his Instagram page on January 31, the American rapper stated that he prefers physical, real products. He rudely asked his fans to stop asking him to join the latest cryptocurrency trends:

“My focus is on building real products in the real world. Real food. Real clothes. Real shelter. Do not ask me to do a f***ing NFT.”

However, at the end of his statement, West included a small note that read, “Ask me later,” which could mean he didn’t fully close the door to the NFT room.

Not long ago, the American announced that he was working on his latest album, Donda 2, which is due out on February 22nd. For now, at least, crypto collectors hoping to own an NFT version of the album will be denied the opportunity.

The NFT Craze is Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Ignore

With big-name stars like Justin Bieber and Eminem snapping up NFTs, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the trend, but there are plenty of celebrities who take the opposite view.

Unlike other NFT oppressors, West doesn’t see the concept as entirely useless. Earlier this month, the artist voiced his displeasure with the paparazzi fuss, arguing that photographers should consider sharing pre-Flash royalties with celebrities. He then suggested that NFTs could be a solution:

“Right now you get to shoot us without having to pay, I’mma change that… You know, NFT people get paid in perpetuity on a product that they put out.”

In 2020, West praised “Bitcoiners” on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for understanding what “true liberation” means for America.

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