JasmyCoin Nears Completion of Bullish Pattern, Could See 2,000% Price Surge

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Gains 11.97% in 24 Hours: Why is JasmyCoin Outperforming Major Altcoins?

As altseason approaches, altcoin price charts display highly bullish patterns. JasmyCoin’s (JASMY) chart nears completion of a bullish cup and handle pattern, signaling a potential massive surge to $0.62.

Altcoins Prepare for Bullish Waves

Popular altcoins are steadily building bullish waves and parabolic pump patterns. Bitcoin (BTC) is also recovering from recent dips. Analysts believe Bitcoin will soon make a bullish reversal. Renowned Bitcoin analyst Doctor Profit predicts Bitcoin will set three new all-time highs (ATHs) in the coming golden bull phase.

Bitcoin’s Bullish Reversal to Usher in Altseason

Doctor Profit believes this bullish reversal for Bitcoin will trigger the long-awaited altseason. Within this super cycle, Bitcoin and many altcoins will reach new ATHs. He expects the summer to launch this crypto market breakout. He predicts Q3 and Q4 of 2024 will bring unimaginable gains.

JasmyCoin and Other Altcoins Show Bullish Signs

Many altcoins are already showing bullish signs, including VET, FLOKI, and JASMY. Steph is Crypto, a JASMY enthusiast, shares his expectations for JASMY’s price. He discusses the near completion of a massive cup and handle pattern in JASMY’s chart.

Cup and Handle Pattern Nears Completion

Steph explains that the cup formation is complete, and the handle is halfway done. Once this pattern completes, a massive price pump for JASMY seems imminent. He believes this bullish run could occur within the next 6-12 months.

Price Target Set at $0.62

Steph predicts the first high to be set at $0.62, likely at the start of 2025. This prediction aligns with the anticipated altseason and super cycle. If JASMY achieves this target, it would mark a 2,000% price surge.

As altseason nears, altcoins like JASMY are painting highly bullish patterns. With Bitcoin’s expected reversal, the crypto market seems poised for a significant breakout. Analysts like Doctor Profit and Steph is Crypto provide valuable insights into these potential gains. JASMY’s cup and handle pattern could lead to a massive price surge, making it a key altcoin to watch in the coming months.

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