JasmyCoin Analysts Forecast Massive 10,000% Pump: Here’s What to Expect

Hidden Bullish Divergence in JasmyCoin: Analysts Predict 2000% Gains Soon

JasmyCoin faces another market dip as Bitcoin fails to beat the $60,000 retesting zone. Despite this, altcoin charts show resilience. Traders remain optimistic for a golden bull arrival, as Bitcoin took about 10 tries to beat the $25,000 price zone earlier this cycle.

Altcoins Show Bullish Signs

As altcoins mirror Bitcoin’s price dip, analysts examine their charts for signs of the coming altseason. Before the dip, many altcoins, including ETH, SOL, XRP, VET, WTK, and JASMY, showed bullish signs for epic price surges. Now, analysts reassess these charts and find the expected price surges still in play.

Analyst Predicts Massive JASMY Price Pump

In particular, one crypto trader and price analyst sees a massive 10,000% price pump for JasmyCoin (JASMY). He previously predicted price spikes of 12,000% to 14,000% for JASMY. Since his prediction, JASMY experienced several pumps.

Japanese Integration Boosts JASMY

One significant pump occurred when Japan announced the integration of the My Number Card onto iPhones. This move will bring JASMY technology onto Apple devices. The market responded highly bullishly, and JASMY’s price pumped accordingly. The analyst now sees that JASMY’s bullish trajectory remains in motion.

Bullish Trajectory and Price Targets

Expectations include an upward momentum towards $2.90 and above. The analyst predicts JASMY will make a 15x price surge soon. He also considers a long-term target of $4.40 and above a possibility. Another analyst tracking JASMY notes a massive cup and handle formation. The JASMY team predicts a $17 price for JASMY by 2026.

These bullish predictions and steady signs point to a promising future for JasmyCoin. Despite the current market dip, analysts see potential for significant gains in JASMY’s price. The integration of JASMY technology onto Apple devices further boosts confidence in its upward momentum. With both short-term and long-term targets in sight, investors have reason to remain optimistic about JASMY’s future.

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