IOG Partners with World Mobile, Advances Cardano and Cosmos Integration 

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As a Cardano sidechain, World Mobile will combine its Tendermint-built permissioned blockchain.

World Mobile will use the recently unveiled sidechain toolkit from Input Output Global to merge its permissioned chain, which was created using Cosmos’ Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain.

Yesterday, the World Mobile team tweeted this information. 

According to the blog post that goes along with it, it will link a solution created using the Cosmos Software Developer Kit (SDK) with the Cardano mainnet, opening up a world of possibilities for interoperability between the Cardano chain and Cosmos.

IOG Chief Technology Officer Romain Pellerin stated:

“Interoperability—a family of sidechains—has been an integral part of Cardano’s scalability since the beginning. By working with World Mobile toward integrating with Tendermint, Cardano facilitates greater inclusion in the internet of blockchains.”

What Does This Mean for Cardano?

The company claimed that by combining Cardano as a settlement layer and the World Mobile sidechain, it would be able to adhere to telecommunications industry norms. 

World Mobile claims that this duality will divide private and public data scalably.

To put things in perspective, World Mobile is a mobile network based on the blockchain to give rural locations access to the internet. 

Users can run a node to link their neighborhood to the internet and receive World Mobile Token incentives. It started as a Cardano project.

Cardano’s latest effort toward interoperability as part of its scalability objective and journey to becoming the internet of blockchains is incorporating World Mobile’s chain as a sidechain. 

According to recent reports, Cardano will include support for SECP256k1, the elliptic curve used to secure blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, in its Protocol Version 8 upgrade. 

As a result, in the future, the Cardano network will be able to communicate with these chains.

Cardano, meanwhile, has a long array of sidechains. It recently unveiled Midnight, a blockchain with a data protection focus that enables users to transfer sensitive data.

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