Interview with Mr. Amit Debnath, Lead Developer at Impulseven

Interview with Mr. Amit Debnath, Lead Developer at Impulseven

Dear Mr. Amit Debnath, Lead Developer at Impulseven, thanks for taking the time to join me in this interview to educate our community on Impulseven. Can you give us a brief introduction to you? What is your story, dating back as far as you wish?

I am Amit, born in……. India and was raised in an extended family. Since my childhood, I have been really passionate about technology. Then at college I started learning more and more about technology. Thereafter I have enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in programming and successfully completed the full course in 2014 ….. Together with some other developers, we have decided to build the Impulseven ecosystem so that we could be part of this whole technological revolution in the Fintech space. We successfully launched Impulseven first platform — the staking one, in April 2021 and we will be launching the Farming platform very soon.

Why did you get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, and where do you think the industry will be in 5–10 years

I heard of cryptocurrency from a friend in 2015 and since then I have joined the industry and created my own project. Of course, Bitcoin, the star cryptocurrency, was one of the main reasons why I was so interested in Cryptocurrency. I have always wanted to create my own cryptocurrency and ec0-system. When you see all the benefits that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are bringing to the Global economy, I am very confident that the industry will grow significantly in the next 5–10 yrs. I also need to mention that lots of countries will start issuing their own CBDC. But the future looks bright.

That’s amazing. Now can you give us an introduction to Impulseven and its history?

Like already mentioned above, Impulseven is a project that was conceptualised by a group of developers in India. The Defi space was booming and booming and we have decided to create our own Defi project so that people could use our platform and benefit from the different products like farming, staking, lending and more. It will be a very dynamic Defi ecosystem that will work for the users. The more users the platform will have the more fees will be redistributed to the users. So, it will be a platform for the users and by the users.

So how did you get started with Impulseven, and why? Early on, did you see an opportunity to fill a void in the market?

Exactly, we have seen a gap in the market + a willingness from our group of developers to develop a defi platform so that people can benefit from it. There are lots of advantages using a DEX rather than a CEX…lesser fees,more speed and more security. And on top of this, we have designed a very user friendly platform to ease the life of the users.

What have been the biggest challenges for you and Impulseven since you started the project?

The biggest challenge was to kick off the project and develop the first platform — Staking which was launched in April 2021. It is important to highlight that we have injected our own seed capital to develop the platform. We have not gone through ICO to raise capital. This proves that we are serious in what we are doing and that we are exposing our own funds.

On my side, it was quite challenging to manage the whole project but I think that I have done it successfully and that we have a nice and strong team working on the project.

Understood. Now what has been your greatest achievement thus far, and what has been the biggest failure or setback personally or in the history of the Impulseven?

The greatest achievement was to successfully launch our staking platform in April 2021. We have not met with any failure up to now but we have faced many challenges. Our team has been working hard to bring impulseven to the next level. Now we are concentrating all our efforts to reach our next planned milestones.

What is the next step for Impulseven in the next 1–2 years?

The next step is to launch all our other platforms and the AI-based Arbitrage Trading Chatbot where our users could benefit from very good rates and make a good profit. We are going to reach out to more markets and work to grow our community globally.

Where can people support your business? Other than that, thank you for your time — any final words?

You can reach out to us on the following channels:

Telegram Announcement Channel:

Telegram Community:




Final words

Impulseven will become a very active and dynamic Defi Ecosystem where you will have lots of activities. Follow us and witness the progress.

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