Interview with Luke Millard, Founder, and CEO of Hashing Ad Space

Interview with Luke Millard, Founder, and CEO of Hashing Ad Space
  • Today we are pleased to be talking to Luke Millard, Founder, and CEO of Hashing Ad Space, the world’s first blockchain-based Advertising-Income Community. Hi Luke!

Hi Stefan, it’s a pleasure to be here.

  • First of all, Luke, what is an Advertising- Minting Community?

Great question and it’s what we are all about. An Ad-Minting Community is an innovative concept that takes the ad brokers and middlemen out of the advertising equation and pays consumers directly for viewing advertising

  • So you are saying that your community members get paid to view ads?

Yes, exactly right. And it gets better because we also reward our members for holding (Mint Staking) our native token, the Asimi token.

  • Fascinating, can you elaborate?

Sure, the Hashing Ad Space community has over 450,000 registered members across 197 countries around the world. Each of our members has an opportunity to view ads and be rewarded in various ways. We have V2E (view to earn ads), login ads, minting ads and we offer additional ways

For our members to earn via surveys and lotteries based on ad viewing.

Further, we have recently debuted Asimi Games which is available on mobile and allows members to play simple online games to earn which we continue to expand. The Asimi Games platform also serves up ads and offers players a chance to earn and win Asimi tokens in a fun and challenging format.

That said, it’s the Minting Ads which provides the very unique aspect to the community and is the core of our entire model.

  • Yes, I was going to ask you about the Minting Asimi Ads, that sounds quite intriguing.

Yes, Asimi Minting is where we achieve a real sense of participation from our membership.

Minters can mint new crypto (AsimiToknes) into existence by viewing ads in the Ad minter.

This ad minting attract viewers with a higher income and net worth profile which our advertisers really like.

  • Are there other rewards for owning Asimi tokens

Yes, on top of minting income, our members can access additional benefits each of which have benefits to members from bonus advertising with purchase to minting “vacation days” to reduced fees at various points in the system.

  • Let’s get back to the higher income/network profile of the Mint Ad viewer. Please elaborate because many of our readers and viewers are wanting to reach a more monied and experienced audience for their projects

Sure, Hashing Ad Space operates using a Proof of Ownership model whereby, currently, 17,438 Asimi tokens are released into the ecosystem daily. Our community members have the opportunity to register their wallet where they hold their Asimi tokens and earn a piece of those 17,438 each day.

  • Fascinating. How does the Proof Of Ownership work?

The members simply needs to own Asimi in their personal wallet external to Hashing Ad Space. We verify their Asimi wallet balance and assign the benefits they can receive accordingly. We designed the Proof of ownership model to provide confended and flexibility to the members. Their tokens always remain in their custody and are completely liquid which makes our model very unique and beneficial to long term holders and short term traders looking to create daily income while holding their Asimi Tokens.

There is no “Staking” or locking up of one’s Asimi tokens to earn. Members merely register their Waves Exchange wallet where they hold their Asimi tokens and view (mint) a few ads each day, determined by how many Asimi tokens they hold.

  • So these Asimi tokens are completely liquid, able to be traded at any time?

That’s correct. That’s why our members love this portion of the model. Our members are rewarded for holding our Asimi tokens but have complete freedom to liquidate or even day trade should they so desire to. Plus, and our members really love this, the Asimi they receive daily as part of the minting process are paid directly to their registered Asimi wallet on the This provides for simplicity, immediate income and automatic compounding of their minting.

And, our advertisers love this, too, because they are reaching a “more sophisticated”, monied audience (as a whole) knowing that they people seeing their ads are all owners of crypto, and have access to funds and exchanges.

  • The minting sounds great. Many companies these days offer an affiliate referral friend program. Does Hashing Ad Space have anything like that?

Yes, and that’s a great question which takes me into another powerful phase of our community model. We reward our members with 10% direct referral bonus for helping us grow the community. So an additional 1,744 tokens are released daily as a rewards bonus. The affiliate commissions is paid when your directly referred frend mints Asimi. When they earn, you earn. It’s a fun win-win

Further, we provide up to 50% commission on various other sales and activities within the community. Without going too far into the details for this interview we reward our members with 50% commissions for banner and minting ad sales and 10% commission on V2E and login ads.

What’s really powerful though, is that we also reward our members when their referrals take actions!

  • How does that work?

When our members fill out surveys, which pay Asimi tokens as a reward, and V2E ads their sponsor is rewarded with a 10% bonus.

This is really important because it provides an incentive to our members to help us grow the community.

And we all know that a larger audience for advertisers often means more value and more value drives more sales, right?

  • Absolutely. So, we have talked about the Asimi token. Is that how you compensate your members across the board.

Yes, the Asimi token is the native token of the Hashing Ad Space Community that trades primarily on the Waves Exchange.

  • How many Asimi tokens are there?

There will only ever be a little less than 67,000,000 tokens ever issued pursuant to the white paper that can be found at There are currently a little less than 28,000,000 in circulation. The remaining Asimi are released according to the minting schedule and the lockup restrictions discussed in the white paper

  • Can you elaborate on the Minting schedule?

Absolutely because that’s a key piece here. Hashing Ad Space uses a halvening process similar to Bitcoin where the amount of tokens released daily is halved every four years thereby reducing supply and creating the potential for scarcity and price appreciation.

  • When is the next halvening.

The next halvening will occur in the Autumn of 2022 at which time there will only be 8,719 released to minters daily. We will continue to pay the 10% referral rewards bonus on those 8,719 of course.

  • When doing research for this interview this halvening caught my eye. I like that it reduces supply, is that why you have that model?

We have adopted this idea from Bitcoin and the decreasing inflation schedule. We see it as a fantastic way to stage the releases of tokens and have been able to do so with the simple task of minting ads.

  • Let’s get back to your advertising reach. You mentioned that you have over 450,000 registered members. That’s impressive

Yes, we are very proud of that because it has come primarily through the efforts of our member community. We expect our membership numbers to expand rapidly as we embark on a more traditional marketing campaign which will include interviews and cross promotion like we are doing with your company.

That growth, of course, will then be accelerated as new members recognize the value of helping grow the community through referrals — it’s a pretty exciting time in the Hashing Ad Space Community!

We find, too, that our advertisers really like the fact that most of our advertising products can be laser focused through geotargeting.

  • Luke, another thing that I noticed in my preparation research is that you didn’t seem to do an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Why is that?

We want to always create and maintain a level playing field for all of our community members to benefit from Hashing Ad Space and the Asimi token. We felt that an ICO sometimes benefits those with big money and best early positioning. So instead of an ICO we funded the early stages of the development and growth ourselves.

Insead of using the tokens as a fundraising tool like most projects, we instead simply began our minting process of Asimi for free, with supply starting at zero

We have always been about “what is best for the community members”, because we know if our community is doing well, then we as Founders and leaders will do well. It has been our mission, from Day 1, to help One Million People around the world to earn extra income and then expand from there!

  • What do you see for the future of Hashing Ad Space?

The future looks bright indeed as we move towards a more and more decentralized model. It is our goal to have HAS be as admin/management free as possible much as we did with the changes that resulted in the new minting model

We want to help millions of people around the world earn online by sharing and participating in the Hashing Ad Space community while providing an every growing value proposition to a wide range of advertisers of products and services.

  • how do you benefit from all of this?

Just like the members, we back the Asimi token which puts us on the same side of the table as our valued members.

That’s what makes this model so exciting! As a company we are 100% committed to building a viable community and economy for the Asimi tokens.

  • Well that certainly does sound exciting and it’s so nice to see a cryptocurrency based community where the founders and owners have a clear vision to benefit everyone for years and decades to come.
  • So, Luke, thanks again for your time and for sharing your thoughts and vision with the readers of Where can our readers learn more about Hashing Ad Space and sign up for a free account?

Thanks, Stefan. Your readers can access more information about earning and advertising in our community at this link:

Earn with Hashing Ad Space: Advertise with Hashing Ad Space:

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