Innovative ideas driven by collaboration take center stage at Golem Network’s Internal Hackathon 

Innovative ideas driven by collaboration take center stage at Golem Network’s Internal Hackathon 

ZUG, Switzerland, January 31, 2023 – Last month, Golem Network employees met to participate in an internal hackathon to wrap up the year with creativity, team spirit and a lot of coding.

The participants, divided into teams, worked together during two intensive days to develop improvement ideas for the Golem platform and build creative solutions on top of the Golem network.

The projects submitted by the different teams included an improved dashboard for Golem Network providers, a game content creator using generative AI, an innovative voice-to-text solution or a live map to visually track transactions in the network.

Pawel Burgchardt, Chief Product Officer at Golem Factory, said: “The internal hackathon was a great opportunity for our team to come together and think creatively about how we can improve our platform and the solutions that can be built on Golem. The collaborative spirit, innovative ideas and learning experience among participants were truly impressive. We’re excited to take some of the ideas generated during the hackathon and bring them to fruition in the coming months.”

After the successful event, Golem Network is already planning for another internal hackathon in 2023, where it is expected to see more groundbreaking ideas and solutions. Besides, the company is also planning to host a public hackathon this year.

Watch the Golem Network Internal Hackathon video here.

Interested companies with the experience to help with the organization of these events can get in touch with Golem Network at:  

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Iago Romero

PR Manager at Golem Network

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