Icon (ICX) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 |Is it worth Holding For Long Term?

What is ICON (ICX)? How to Buy and Use It

What is ICON (ICX)?

The ICON Network, a decentralized network, aspires to establish a digital economy in which other blockchain-based networks are hosted. 

The real-world economy and the relationships between various components served as the basis for that economic model. 

With ICON, companies, nonprofits, and government agencies can independently develop their mediums of value for usage by the entire networked ecosystem. 

The network’s native coin, ICX, supports the operation of the ICON ecosystem.

ICON is a fully functional blockchain network that serves as a platform for connecting and interacting with different blockchain software applications.

Who Are the Founders of ICON?

ICON was co-founded by Min Kim, the former chief strategy officer of the largest fintech holding company in Korea, DAYLI Financial Group, and the chief operating officer of Tapas Media, a platform for the distribution of digital content in the United States. 

ICONLOOP, ICON’s technological partner, was founded by Min Kim. In 2017, the ICON project was established, and the ICON Foundation contributed to the project’s development and promotion.

What Makes Icon Unique?

With a public blockchain, a decentralized architecture, and an effective protocol called Delegated Proof of Stake, ICON provides a unique possibility to create applications and connect with other dApps and economies.

ICON technology has many applications in the decentralized economy paradigm, allowing network members to store sensitive data such as insurance and medical records securely. 

Users of the ICON network can also design their national currencies, including their tokens and cryptocurrencies, for use in their respective ICON-based economies.

Due to the use of Delegated Proof of Contribution, another aspect of ICON’s unique technical roadmap, ICX also permits quick transactions and speedy validations (ICX).

How many ICX is in Circulation?

There are 943,101,070 ICX coins in circulation, and the maximum supply has yet to be known.

To pay staking incentives, a new ICX is created. However, the emission rate fluctuates based on the total transaction fees in a block, with any extra payments being destroyed. 

This implies that ICX may experience deflation if the ICON Network transaction volume is high enough.

Icon token price Predictions by year 3035

Price predictions table: 2024-2035

YearMax PriceAverage PriceMin PriceDetailed Prediction
2024$3$1$0.5In 2024, ICON (ICX) is expected to have a price ranging from $0.5 to $3, with an average price of $1. Factors influencing this could include the overall sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, developments in blockchain interoperability, and the adoption of ICON’s network and services. ICON’s price may be influenced by progress in its technology, including advancements in scalability, security, and governance features. Additionally, partnerships with businesses, governments, or other blockchain projects could contribute to ICX’s price appreciation. Market trends, regulatory developments, and investor sentiment may also impact ICX’s price movements. However, actual prices may vary depending on market conditions and unforeseen events.
2025$15$5$3By 2025, ICON’s price could experience significant growth, with a price range of $3 to $15 and an average price of $5. Continued developments in ICON’s technology, such as enhancements in interoperability and scalability, could attract more users and developers to the platform. Increased adoption of ICON’s network for building decentralized applications (dApps) and launching blockchain-based services could drive up demand for ICX tokens, leading to price appreciation. Moreover, strategic partnerships with industry players or integration with popular blockchain projects could further bolster ICON’s ecosystem and support price growth. However, regulatory changes and competition from other blockchain platforms may pose risks to ICON’s price trajectory.
2030$20$10$8Looking ahead to 2030, ICON’s price is forecasted to continue rising, with a price range of $8 to $20 and an average price of $10. By this time, ICON may have established itself as a leading blockchain interoperability platform, facilitating seamless communication and interaction between different blockchain networks. Technological advancements, such as improvements in cross-chain communication protocols and consensus mechanisms, could drive demand for ICX tokens as the native asset of the ICON network. Additionally, partnerships with enterprises, governments, and other blockchain projects could further solidify ICON’s position in the market and support price appreciation. However, regulatory challenges and technological disruptions may still impact ICON’s price stability.
2035$25$20$18By 2035, ICON’s price is expected to stabilize, with a price range of $18 to $25 and an average price of $20. ICON may have achieved widespread adoption as a key infrastructure layer for blockchain interoperability, facilitating the seamless exchange of value and data between different blockchain ecosystems. Continued advancements in technology and governance models could further enhance ICON’s utility and value proposition, supporting long-term price stability and growth. Strategic partnerships with global organizations and governments could also contribute to ICON’s market reach and adoption, driving demand for ICX tokens. However, market conditions and regulatory developments may still influence ICON’s price performance.

Factors influencing the price of ICON (ICX) include:

  1. Market Trends: Overall trends in the cryptocurrency market, including investor sentiment, trading volume, and market capitalization.
  2. Technological Advancements: Progress in ICON’s technology, including improvements in interoperability, scalability, and security.
  3. Adoption of ICON’s Network: Growth in the usage of ICON’s network for building decentralized applications and launching blockchain-based services.
  4. Partnerships: Collaborations with businesses, governments, and other blockchain projects to expand ICON’s ecosystem and utility.
  5. Regulatory Environment: Changes in regulations related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which could impact ICON’s operations and market dynamics.
  6. Market Sentiment: Public perception of ICON’s potential, influenced by media coverage, community engagement, and developer activity.
  7. Competition: Competition from other blockchain interoperability platforms offering similar features and services, which could affect ICON’s market share and price performance.

How is the ICON Network Secured?

ICON is a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) network, which means that registered validators that produce blocks and take part in governance are granted a majority of stakeholders’ stake in the network, in this case, ICX. 

Non-technical stakeholders can take advantage of staking thanks to ICON’s DPoS consensus without needing to set up a node or sign up for a staking pool.

On ICON, ICX owners can stake and assign ICX to P-Reps, organizations that have signed up to manage the ICON blockchain. 

This DPoS approach gives users the best of both worlds: users can receive rewards passively while also actively participating in the infrastructure setup and administration of ICON.

Public Representatives oversee the ICON blockchain (P-Reps). To become a P-Rep, a team or individual must complete an on-chain registration process, which involves paying a registration fee of 2,000 ICX. 

A P-Rep can begin receiving delegation in the form of staked ICX after registering.

How Can Crypto Investors Use ICON (ICX)?

Businesses, institutions, and non-profit groups can use ICON to build networked applications that function as decentralized, blockchain-based economies. 

Users of the network can interact with other communities and build their tokens and cryptocurrencies.

The ICON ecosystem’s native token, ICX, can be used as payment for Representative participation in network governance and a stake in elections and voting for nodes and delegates, or “Representatives.” 

In the cryptocurrency market, ICON tokens can also be traded, and traders can earn based on the price difference between purchasing and selling.

Where to Buy ICX?

Currently, the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading ICON stock are:


  1. What is ICX’s price?

The current ICX price is $0.1503

  1. Is ICX a reliable crypto?

ICON will be a wise long-term investment in the cryptocurrency market, according to the ICX price prediction.

  1. What is the minimum amount for staking? 

No minimum amount for staking.

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