How Ashtoken Is Revolutionizing Global Environmental Changes With Blockchain Technology 

How Ashtoken Is Revolutionizing Global Environmental Changes With Blockchain Technology 

The crypto market is an ever-evolving landscape, constantly introducing new tokens with unique use cases. Over the past decade, we have witnessed a transformation from cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange to the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), memecoins, and play-to-earn tokens. 

However, one area that remains relatively untapped is the tokenization of real-world companies. GCS Fiber, the company behind Ashtoken, aims to address this gap and revolutionize global environmental changes through its innovative approach.

In a recent interview with Ato B. Andoh, the CEO of GCS Fiber, we had the opportunity to learn more about Ashtoken and its upcoming roadmaps. 

  1. So, what exactly is Ashtoken?

Ashtoken is a digital asset that belongs to the broader Ash Environmental DAO ecosystem, which is registered in the United States. Its mission is to tackle critical global issues such as environmental pollution, access to funding for entrepreneurs working on high-impact environmentally friendly innovations, unemployment, poverty, and economic development stagnation across global markets. Ashtoken is a BEP 20 digital asset operating on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC). Since its inception in September 2021, the token has experienced remarkable growth of over 800% in value. Additionally, Ashtoken serves as a governance token, empowering holders with the ability to vote on the utilization of project funds.

  1. What prompted the development of Ashtoken?

The creators of Ashtoken were driven by the pressing need to find alternative solutions for funding high-impact, sustainable, and profitable environmentally friendly business initiatives. Their own struggles in commercializing unique innovations aimed at coal ash recycling and greenhouse gas emissions capture highlighted the challenges faced in raising necessary capital. They encountered stakeholders who dismissed their passion for environmental improvement and economic development. These experiences motivated the founders to explore a different approach to help fellow entrepreneurs secure capital for their high-impact environmentally friendly projects.

  1. What sets Ashtoken apart from other cryptocurrencies?

Ashtoken distinguishes itself by providing grants to companies with globally scalable and high-impact environmentally friendly solutions. These grants enable these companies to expand their operations, leading to environmental cleanup, job creation, and measurable profit margins for stakeholders. Ashtoken goes beyond being just another crypto project; it acts as a platform that fosters economic development while making a positive impact on the environment at a global scale. By establishing connections between Ash Token-sponsored companies and local communities, Ashtoken helps bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, allowing the average person to relate to and engage with these initiatives.

  1. What are the next steps for Ashtoken?

The immediate goal for Ashtoken is to raise $5 million to fund its initial set of five companies that have applied for funding. These companies will utilize the funding to launch or expand their operations. As part of the arrangement, these companies will be required to allocate up to 20% of their profits to purchasing Ashtoken each month. Concurrently, Ashtoken aims to expand its presence in the crypto space by entering new markets, including Nigeria, Kenya, South Korea, and El Salvador, among others. In the near term, the project team plans to position Ashtoken as a currency by mandating that transactions with any Ash Token-sponsored companies must be conducted using Ashtokens. This move will further establish Ashtoken as a global currency, considering the widespread operations of its sponsored companies worldwide.

  1. Final words about your project

Ashtoken represents a significant step forward in leveraging cryptocurrency for environmental change and economic development. By supporting companies with impactful environmentally friendly solutions, Ashtoken not only cleans up the environment but also creates jobs and drives economic growth. Ashtoken’s unique approach and its integration into various markets worldwide are testament to our commitment to revolutionizing global environmental changes.

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