Hosky Up 11% In 24 Hours; Become Cardanos Most Active Project

Hosky Up 11% In 24 Hours; Become Cardano's Most Active Project

Hosky token has taken the top spot on the list of Cardano projects with the most engagements over the last seven days.

Hosky Token (HOSKY), the first meme coin ever created by Cardano, is again grabbing the cryptocurrency community’s attention after topping the list of Cardano projects with the most engagements over the course of the previous week.

According to information from the crypto social intelligence site Lunar Crush, Cardano Daily reported that the Hosky project had gathered an engagement count of up to 11,400 over the past seven days.

Lunar Crush List of the Top 10 Cardano Projects 

Cardano Daily, on the Lunar Crush list, recently listed the top 10 Cardano projects by engagements over the last seven days. 

According to the ranking, Hosky’s 11.4K engagements are almost double the 6.5K that the Foxxed NFT collection managed to obtain, which is in second place. 

With 3.7K engagements throughout the previous week, the Clay Nation arts and culture project also took third place.

The following are the least seven Cardano-hosted projects with the highest engagements during the past week:

  • Indigo Protocol has a total of 3.0K engagements.
  • Minswap Labs DEX has received 2.9K engagements.
  • Axo, with up to 2.4K engagements.
  • StellarFox received 2.2K engagements.
  • Liqwid Labs has 1.5K.
  • Jpgstore has had up to 1.3K engagements.
  • MuesliSwap, with 632 votes.
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The Top Spot of the Cardano Projects List is Not Strange to HOSKY

According to statistics from CMC, HOSKY has experienced a 24-hour gain of up to 11.55%. As it recovers on the back of the recovering market amid the waning fear brought on by the FTX debacle, it has weathered the bearish storm very well in recent hours. 

The recent spike in social engagements the coin has received over the past week has added to this. At the time of reporting, the asset was trading at $0.00000002135.

Despite the recent hush within its camp, the top spot on the list of Cardano’s projects with the highest engagements is not surprising to HOSKY because it has previously earned the position multiple times.

As stated, following a week of increased social activity for the project, HOSKY succeeded last month in becoming the most active Cardano project. Based on the same evaluation, the project also earned the top rank in the final week of September. 

 Hoskinson, Cardano founder, also mentioned Hosky in one of his tweets from October.

The Hosky project, introduced sometime in February as the first dog-themed meme coin in the Cardano ecosystem, has occasionally drawn the attention of investors since its launch. 

The asset’s developers describe it as “a premiere low-quality s#it coin” due to its status as a meme coin.

However, HOSKY’s growth has not been hindered by its reputation as a meme coin. 

Given its previous collaboration with the NFT platform Cardahub, which would enable users to buy NFTs on Cardahub with the HOSKY token, HOSKY was viewed as one of the most significant recently created initiatives in Cardano in May.


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