Hackers stole 11 Million XRP and Other Cryptocurrencies Worth $80 Million from Liquid Exchange

Hackers stole 11 Million XRP and Other Cryptocurrencies Worth $80 Million from Liquid Exchange

The Twitter account of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Liquid announced today that the platform had been hacked. They managed to withdraw $80 Million in cryptocurrency, including 11 million XRP as well as TRX, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Liquid Exchange was hacked – XRP, TRX BTC, ETH were stolen

Liquid’s tweet stated that the criminals had managed to steal more than 100 bitcoins, nearly 10 million TRX, 11 million Ripple-linked XRP, and nearly 60 million Ethereum and various ERC20-based tokens.

Whale Alert’s Twitter account was tracking major changes in various cryptocurrencies and found that 9,840,490 XRP were transferred to the hacker’s XRP address mentioned in the Liquid team’s tweet.

Bithomp’s analytics website shows that three transfers were made to the wallet, totalling around 11.5 million XRP.

Hot Wallet Has Been Compromised

In the exchange’s tweet, the wallets of BTC, TRX and ETH were also mentioned, into which the corresponding stolen cryptocurrencies were transferred.

According to the tweet, the assets extracted by the criminals were kept in the hot wallet, and now the team is transferring the rest of the cryptocurrency to the cold wallet.

The exchange later outlined the address of the hacker’s money transfer.

Although the company has not yet reported the amount that the perpetrator successfully stole, the amount is estimated to be around $80 million due to the movement of these wallets.

The exchange also stated that the hackers exchanged some assets because they reportedly deposited some of the stolen XRP on another trading platform and withdrew BTC at these two addresses – 12PKkwoFkXp6JtN7roWRA2gSitE6nVDds4 and 1JW1tcBXp1vZ6KGEirFNSXb5RgZSaL63Av.

At the time of this writing, the first held more than 92 bitcoins while the second held more than 100 bitcoins.

Liquid guarantees that it will work with other exchanges to freeze and reclaim funds. This was backed up by the CEO of KuCoin, who confirmed that the platform has blacklisted addresses related to hacking.

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