Global Banking Payment Methods Now Support XRP and Shiba Inu Purchases

Payment Methods Now Support XRP and Shiba Inu Purchases

Thanks to a collaboration between BitPay and the Canadian payment provider Banxa, fans of Shiba Inu can now acquire SHIB through various global banking payment methods.

BitPay has teamed up with Banxa to broaden its range of user payment methods. This partnership ensures a streamlined experience for BitPay users worldwide, facilitating effortless purchases of cryptocurrencies, notably XRP and SHIB.

In addition to Shiba Inu and XRP, these newly incorporated payment methods offer users the flexibility to buy various other cryptocurrencies supported by BitPay. This includes BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, BUSD, USDC, ADA, and LTC.

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BitPay’s Recent Additions to Payment Methods

As a result of the BitPay and Banxa partnership, the following payment methods are now available on the BitPay platform.

SEPA (Instant & Standard) 

This banking payment method will simplify Europeans’ process of acquiring SHIB, XRP, and BTC on the BitPay platform.

ACH (Instant & Standard)

Following the Banxa collaboration, BitPay introduced ACH as a payment option. Now, US residents can utilize ACH to conveniently purchase XRP and SHIB on the platform.


Thanks to this collaboration, BitPay has seamlessly incorporated iDEAL as a payment method on its platform. As a result, crypto enthusiasts in the Netherlands can now easily purchase XRP, SHIB, and other cryptocurrencies through the BitPay wallet or website using iDEAL.


The BitPay platform has significantly simplified the process of acquiring XRP and SHIB in Australia by introducing the PayID payment method. This addition provides Australians with a convenient means of purchasing XRP and SHIB directly from their bank accounts.


Exclusively tailored for crypto enthusiasts in Canada, BitPay has introduced Interac as a payment method. This addition empowers the Canadian crypto community to effortlessly acquire XRP, SHIB, and other supported cryptocurrencies through BitPay.

Faster Payment System (FPS)

The introduction of the FPS payment method on BitPay specifically caters to the cryptocurrency community in the United Kingdom. This feature enables residents of the UK to purchase XRP and SHIB directly through the BitPay wallet and website.


New Zealand residents can now directly purchase XRP and SHIB on BitPay through this payment method using their bank accounts.

Turkey Bank Transfer

Thanks to this payment method, crypto enthusiasts in Turkey can swiftly acquire all the crypto assets supported by BitPay, including XRP and SHIB, in a matter of minutes.


The PIX payment method on BitPay is set to cater to the cryptocurrency community in Brazil, facilitating the purchase of XRP, SHIB, and various other assets on the platform.

Additional payment gateways resulting from the Banxa collaboration comprise South Africa Bank Transfer, SPEI, Khipu, PSE, and Thai QR.

BitPay continues its innovative spree with Shiba Inu by developing tangible use cases for SHIB. A notable initiative unveiled in August lets SHIB owners handle expenses, from car instalments to personal loans. 

Moreover, by forging alliances with premier payment facilitators like Ramp Network and MoonPay, BitPay streamlines Shiba Inu transactions.

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