Five (5) Places to Buy Wakanda Inu in 2022

Five (5) Places to Buy Wakanda Inu in 2022

Wakanda Inu is the first African-owned community meme token, named after Marvel’s blockbuster African Panther. Here is a beginner’s guide on Wakanda Inu.

Created by African crypto enthusiasts on November 8, 2021, the Wakanda Inu token was launched as the Bep20 token with a total supply of 985,600,000,000,000 WKD within 24 hours of launch with over 7000 holders

When a new token is launched, some developers may create a fake token on a different or even the same blockchain network and call it the original token. This can tempt investors to buy the wrong token due to the incorrect contract address and place to buy the original token.

In this article, we will be exploring five very safe places to buy Wakanda Inu in 2022.

Five (5) Places to Buy a Wakanda Inu 2022

Wakanda is listed on popular exchanges in Africa and around the world. Here is a list of places where you can buy $WKD:

  • PancakeSwap: PancakeSwap is a DEX known as an Automated Market Maker (AMM). Since its launch in 2020, the platform has undergone several upgrades, each adding new products and features. PancakeSwap was updated to V2 in April 2021, giving developers more freedom to improve future features of the platform

PancakeSwap leverages its many unique features to provide end-users with a great trading experience. On the one hand, it benefits from extremely low transaction fees and fast confirmation times – making transactions quick to execute. It’s also generally immune to permutation attacks like front-running, making it more secure than other AMMs on the blockchain having slower block time.

  • Hotbit: Established in January 2018, registered in Hong Kong and Estonia, the core team hails from China, the United States and Taiwan and is currently located in Shanghai and Taipei. So far, Hotbit has been running smoothly for four years.

Decentralised crypto assets will fundamentally reform the global financial system, giving us more efficient asset circulation, fairer resource allocation and more transparent transaction processes. Distributed ledger and smart contract technology lay the foundation for building trust between people, removing transaction barriers, accelerating transaction efficiency and having a tremendous impact on the real economy.

Based on the decentralised management concept, the Hotbit team has set itself the goal of building the Amazon of the blockchain industry. Hotbit’s strong in-house security audit team provides real-time online audit services 24/7 for all user assets.

  • Bitget: Bitget is the world’s leading community-based and highly co-managed digital asset services platform, dedicated to providing global users with secure and high-quality digital asset trading, management and financial services.

Bitget is a subsidiary of Bitget Group, a digital finance brand invested by leading investment institutions in 2018. It has quickly become one of the fastest-growing trading platforms with the best user experience. It currently offers various digital assets management services (BTC, ETH, etc.) and token/coin to token/coin trading, OTC and other financial services.

  • ApeSwap: ApeSwap.Finance protocol is a decentralised exchange built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, giving users access to a variety of financial markets ranging from payments, lending, derivatives, staking, tokenised assets and alternative savings.

Apeswap is working on solving the problems of its centralised counterparts, including the risk of mismanagement by hackers and arbitrary fees, as well as the risk of replacing centralized intermediaries in financial applications like derivatives, insurance, and credit.

Three key factors make ApeSwap special and unique in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. First, unlike most yield farming platforms, ApeSwap is a decentralized exchange. Second, ApeSwap has found a unique niche focused on bringing its user’s exciting new projects that traditional platforms overlook and allowing users to dive into new projects. What really makes ApeSwap is the incredible community they have cultivated, which takes Aping into projects to the next level.

  • Quidax: Quidax was officially launched in 2018 and today has over 400,000 customers in over 70 countries. The exchange had previously positioned itself as an Africa-focused cryptocurrency exchange but has changed its strategy.

Quidax aims to be the home of BEP20 and give everyone access to tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to instant trading services, Quidax supports over-the-counter trading and provides tools for fintech companies to offer clients cryptocurrency services via a dedicated API.

How to Buy Wakanda Inu on PancakeSwap

First: you need to get BNB (Binance Coin). You can buy it through the Binance Exchange App with the exact amount you want to buy Wakanda INU.

Second: go to your trust wallet or any other wallet you like, go to add token and click on it.

To add coins, go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap. Search for Wakanda inu, copy the contact address (0x5344C20FD242545F31723689662AC12b9556fC3d) and go back to your Trust wallet and paste it in the space provided.

Change network to Smart chain,

Symbol as WKD and

Decimal as 9, then save.

Copy Binance Smart chain BSC receiving address and paste it into your Binance Exchange app for withdrawal.

Third: When you must have received the BNB, proceed to PancakeSwap by clicking on the DApps button on your Trust wallet.

You’re swapping from BNB(Bsc) to WAKANDA. To add Wakanda(WKD), go to coingecko or Coinmarketcap and copy the contract address (0x5344C20FD242545F31723689662AC12b9556fC3d), then paste it on the search button of the coin you want to swap to in the PancakeSwap. Then the WKD shows up…click on it, swap and confirm.

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