First Crypto Music Label Set to Launch on the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain

First Crypto Music Label Set to Launch on the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain

The music industry has been seeing a lot of top musicians, producers and songwriters diving into crypto. But this time, it is a whole new dimension as the first Crypto music label, Greed mu$ic, to launch on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Greed Mu$ic’s $GREED Among the First Smart Contracts to Launch on Cardano

Globenewswire reported this information. Greed Mu$ic, the first crypto music label, $GREED, will be one of the first smart contracts launched on the long-awaited Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Greed Mu$ic of $GREED, with Grammy Award-winning producer Cool & Dre and lead developer Peter Parente (Captain Awesome), will be selling your favourite music artist’s NFT music collection.

Songs and versions of leaderboards that have never been listened to before will now be available as Collectible Music NFT. Many Creators submitted different versions of the artwork during the album’s production. Still, only one cover was selected by the team, and now the other ones are also being made available as collections.

NFT VIP passkey will be available for users to watch the live stream of their favourite recording artist at work in the Greed Mu$ic studio and to watch spontaneous performances and large concerts on the Metaverse. After the token is issued, the start of a competition will be announced by the studio to find Greed Mu$ic’s first recording artist. This will be the crypto world version of American Idol. The community will participate in the entire process, which will be broadcast live and recorded. The whole process from submission to production by artists using Greed Mu$ic is shared with the world.

The ecosystem will also include farms, stock pools, multi-chain NFT markets, and the main metaverse built-in Decentraland. The Metaverse project involves adding NFT wearables, wheeled devices, and NFT keys that will give you VIP access to specific areas of the $Greed virtual world. Greed $wap will also be one of the first exchanges to launch on the Cardano blockchain, making it a major DEX competitor. The Greedy Puppy $BabyDogeInu is also part of the HODL token ecosystem and is backed by the buyback feature of Greed and other utilities. The Baby Doge Inu game, featuring all of the $GREED NFT, is also coming soon.

ADA: A Major Player in Crypto Space

After successfully completing the Alonzo Hard Fork, the crypto world finally has what it has been anticipating. Charles Hoskins was one of the founders of Ethereum and finally showed his vision by launching new smart contracts. Many experts believe that the Cardano ecosystem is superior to any other ecosystem and even ahead of its time. Bitcoin may always have been considered the gold standard of cryptocurrency, but the utility provided by Cardano could prove that ADA is the leading player in cryptocurrency.

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