Everest: A Decentralised Protocol Taking the Transportation Sector to the Next Level

Everest: A Decentralised Protocol Taking the Transportation Sector to the Next Level

The world is evolving due to the advancement of technology that gives room for more innovations. These innovations are slowly influencing every sector of the world, including finance, health, sports, entertainment, media, tourism and transportation. In addition, services have gotten faster, more convenient and more efficient, and these positive developments can be attributed to the active presence of digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are not new to the world. Furthermore, young people who have easy access to the internet arguably dominate the world population, resulting in the high growth rate of cryptocurrency.  Covid 19 has also ensured that the financial industry explores a shift from traditional means of payment to online payment that is cheaper and faster.

About Everest

Everest is a decentralised mobility-as-a-service platform built on the Algorand blockchain that supplies urban transportation and logistics. The transportation sector has evolved from horses to cars and even first-generation taxis. Everest has taken it even further by creating an ecosystem for transportation and logistics services to thrive and grow while it operates on a secure and decentralised blockchain network.

The main aim of the mobility-as-a-service protocol is to advance the development of the transportation and logistics sector in Africa and beyond. Challenges in the transportation sector have resulted in higher charges and poor service delivery, with some relevant parties being unsatisfied. Therefore, Everest has created a solution that will benefit all stakeholders in the ecosystem. 

Everest Ecosystem

The platform is driven by blockchain technology with a native token ($EVR), smart contracts, distributed ledger technology and a transparent system that guarantees service efficiency. The protocol is built to connect drivers, riders, and other stakeholders, leading to a tokenised economy of services and exchange.

The services include decentralised ride-sharing, where you can order a ride at your convenience. Additionally, you can travel within and across cities through inter-city ride services. You can also schedule rides from one major bus stop to another and show up at the agreed time via the route ride option. Lastly, you do not have to book a ride alone. Multiple users can order a service and save more money through carpooling.

Everest Stakeholders

The general participants of the ecosystem include drivers, riders, fleet managers and HODlers.

Drivers are the heart and soul of the transportation and logistics industry because they facilitate rides, deliver parcels and manage vehicles. In addition, they operate as independent contractors are valuable. Therefore, the platform is created to satisfy them, ensuring a long-term partnership.

On the other hand, the riders are the direct users of Everest because they can book rides and demand logistics services. As a rider, you can book a ride through the app and pay for every successful trip or delivery with the native token. 

Fleet managers are also participants in the ecosystem that have drivers and vehicles onboarded on the platform. As a result, they have access to a medium to monitor their cars easily. 

HODlers are part of the Everest community because they are crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. These investors purchase and hold the $EVR irrespective of the price value, and they benefit from staking and price pumps.

Why You Should Use Everest?

As Africa’s number one mobility-as-a-service platform, trust is vital. For all the stakeholders to benefit from each other in the ecosystem, Everest ensures that the blockchain is used to power the platform. The blockchain network distributes information decentrally, making it impossible for a single individual to influence transactions.

Secondly, Everest offers security to its drivers and riders. Some features are in place within and outside the platform to protect users and raise awareness during an emergency, all with a button click.

Nevertheless, Everest supports transparency, and on the blockchain, anyone can have an overview of the transactions on the platform. In addition, token holders can decide what happens in the ecosystem through voting.

Everest team is made up of experienced personnel and led by Israel Clement and Chukwuebuka Okoroafor.

You can get more information about Everest on the following social media platforms. 

Website, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram 

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