DOGE Founder Sparks Debate on $5 Million Flight Commitment

DOGE Founder Sparks Debate on $5 Million Flight Commitment

Billy Markus, known on the X app as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, co-created the iconic meme cryptocurrency DOGE with IT engineer Jackson Palmer in 2013. Recently, Markus engaged his multi-million X audience with a hypothetical question about earning $5 million in one year. He asked, “Would you fly on 8 hours of Boeing flights a day for a year in exchange for 5 million dollars?” 

This sparked a discussion mainly centered on the quality of Boeing flights and the anxiety experienced during flights. Despite the lively conversation, Markus did not disclose whether he would personally take on this challenge for $5 million.

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Dogecoin Creator’s Perspective on Bitcoin Plunge

On Monday, Shibetoshi Nakamoto commented on the recent 13% drop in Bitcoin’s price. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, fell over 13% from $63,750 to $57,260 between July 1 and July 8. In response, Markus shared a meme of a sinking yacht titled “No worries,” humorously addressing the question, “How is your crypto?” Since then, Bitcoin’s price has shown a roller-coaster trajectory. Initially, it rose by 6.20% to reach $58,150, followed by a 4.8% drop, and then it increased by 3%. As of now, Bitcoin is trading around $57,250.

Markus Criticizes Negative Crypto Study

Over the weekend, Billy Markus responded to a study mentioned in an article by the Independent, which suggested that cryptocurrency investors often possess “dark traits” in their personalities, referring to the “dark tetrad.” 

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Markus strongly disagreed with this opinion, tweeting, “I disagree and let me lengthily argue why I am right.” He believes that such studies unfairly stereotype crypto investors and misrepresent the diverse community involved in cryptocurrency trading. Transitionally, these discussions reflect Markus’s continued engagement with the crypto community, addressing both hypothetical scenarios and real-world developments. 

Through his candid and humorous interactions, Shibetoshi Nakamoto remains a prominent voice in the ongoing dialogue about cryptocurrency.

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