Deloitte Launches Dimension10 Studio to Create Metaverse Experiences Using AR, VR, IoT and 5G

Deloitte Launches Dimension10 Studio to Create Metaverse Experiences Using AR, VR, IoT and 5G

Deloitte provides industry-leading assurance, advisory, tax and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and more than 7,000 private companies.

Deloitte Launches Unlimited Realities

According to an announcement on January 13, The company announced its new Dimension10 Studio service that will help customers create “Infinite Reality” experiences combining artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT architecture and 5G connectivity.

The studio team will help clients design, prototype and commercialize virtual services. Frances Yu, Partner at Deloitte Consulting, stated that the Dimension10 studio is both a virtual space and a physical space, a business concept and a “maker” engine for infinite reality services.

Deloitte has used virtual worlds in a variety of contexts, including:

  • A virtual space for Deloitte employees where the company has hosted 50 events and 4,000 participants from 15 countries
  •  AR+AI solution for US electric utilities including wildfire hazards, 3D virtual transmission verification environment and VR training experience
  • “Factory of the Future” and “Warehouse of the Future” for industrial customers integrating AR, 5G and edge computing
  • Augmented reality applications for major sporting events

As part of this effort, Deloitte will expand its collaboration with NVIDIA, specifically with the company’s Omniverse Enterprise platform for 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation.

Yu stated that the success of the Infinite Reality experience depends on how it creates a sense of “virtual” and “physical,” and how it blends the natural world with digital augmentation.

she added that in practical terms, their success will depend on how well they can apply this new technology and embed these solutions in everything from unique entertainment experiences to everyday experiences like driving to visit friends and grocery shopping.

Success also varies by industry, with some companies looking for excellence while others look for operational consistency. she stated that sports teams may need excitement and schools may need calm.

Specific metrics Deloitte uses to measure the success of virtual world implementations include: Time to Launch, Brand Equity Growth, Awareness and Relevance, Brand Consistency, Customer Lifetime Value, Cross-platform Retention, Consistency: From “reality ‘ to ‘reality’, engagement, Influence and Impressions, Uniqueness, Understanding and Interpretability of the experience

According to the company, the studio’s name is a reference to the tenth dimension. In theoretical physics, the tenth dimension captures the infinite possibilities of the universe at one point, just as virtual worlds promise businesses.

How AI Can Create Business Value for Both General and Specific Industries

Artificial intelligence is critical across the enterprise, according to a new report. Analysts from Deloitte detail the potential benefits of wider adoption of AI in a new report: The AI ​​​​​​Profile. Nitin Mittal and Irfan Saif, U.S. AI Co-Leads at Deloitte Consulting, authored the report. They believe AI can create business value for both general and specific industries in the following six ways:

  • Reduce costs: Use natural language processing to automate data entry and scheduling
  • Speed ​​of Execution: Accelerate the drug approval process by running synthetic clinical trials
  • Reduced complexity: Predictive analytics reduces plant downtime through proactive maintenance
  • Increasing engagement: Conversational AI for managing customer service
  • Better support for innovation: New product ideas based on data from social media
  • Increased Confidence: Cybersecurity improvements based on expected cyberattacks

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