Decoding UXLINK: Groups Will Be The Magic Key to Web3 Social

Decoding UXLINK: Groups Will Be The Magic Key to Web3 Social

UXLINK, a leading Web3 social platform, marks the achievement of surpassing one million users, a pivotal milestone in the era of decentralized social networks. Amid their ongoing Odyssey airdrop campaign, an increasing number of Web3 enthusiasts actively engage in discussions, centered around one theme – Groups.

While Web2 has made progress in group dynamics, the Web3 landscape craves innovation, and UXLINK emerges as a standout Web3 social platform, reshaping the significance of Groups with cutting-edge technology. As of mid-December, UXLINK Group BOTs actively participate in over 30,000 groups. Let’s explore UXLINK’s Telegram group strategy and reveal project highlights.

A Strategic Choice: Placing Groups at the Core

In our daily online interactions, talking in groups is pretty normal on apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others. These platforms unite millions of groups, resembling live cells in the social world, fundamentally altering our social dynamics. A group, akin to a team, is formed by both the group owner and members sharing a common objective. 

However, traditional groups encounter challenges such as role definition, trust issues, and uneven benefits distribution. UXLINK, drawing upon extensive social and online success, adopts a unique strategy to tackle these issues.

“To solve a problem, you must know where it comes from. In the decentralized world, groups are the fundamental units of human interaction, which is why challenges in group interaction should be addressed within the group ecosystem.” – UXLINK team

This strategic choice lays the foundation for UXLINK. By reconstructing social assets and decentralizing groups, the project enables group owners and members to secure long-term benefits and maximize returns.

Build Your Decentralized Group in Minutes

Many users find themselves puzzled about creating their group in Web3 or transforming their network into net worth through community building. Whether your aim is to strengthen social connections or improve your financial standing, you can easily start with UXLINK:

  1. Establish a new group or use an existing one, appointing UXLINK Bot as admin.
  2. Manage on-chain social assets with GGraph and GWallet, treating the group as a small team.
  3. Guide group members in trade, tasks, and interactions with Twitter.
  4. Activate GPass to reflect the group’s value, tradable and valuable for all holders.
  5. Utilise GGraph, GWallet, and GPass as your management tools, UX Task, AI Analyzer, and UX Trade as efficiency tools.

The First One-Stop Web3 Dapp Within Telegram 

In the realm of Web3 social interactions, users commonly exchange trading information, a key step for Web3 enthusiasts. UXLINK introduces a trading scenario for Web3 newcomers, utilizing community and bot trading tools. A UXLINK group allows you to:

  1. Participate in UXTasks: Complete interactive tasks under the group leader’s guidance and share earnings.
  2. Utilize the AI Analyzer: Offer instant information to group leaders and members, conducting market analysis.
  3. Engage in UX Trade: Invest and trade securely with mutual support from group members.

These tools enable diverse community scenarios, idea-sharing, and mutual assistance in a secure space. This fosters a structure with regular members and leaders, enhancing leaders’ influence and financial capabilities. It facilitates members’ secure, cooperative growth with fair profit sharing, extending beyond trading and gaming to encompass all social and transactional activities, even launching new coins.

2024 Roadmap Unveiled with Odyssey Airdrop

Impressive product and user experience achievements, coupled with a successful contract audit, signify a pivotal phase for the project in 2023. As the year concludes, UXLINK reveals its roadmap for 2024:

  1. Cross-chain operations, including EVM/TON compatibility.
  2. Integration of third-party wallets, enhancing transaction functionalities for secure and enjoyable social experiences within the broader blockchain landscape.
  3. Expanded support for third-party applications, fostering openness in group scenarios and contributing to the Web3 application ecosystem.

Meanwhile, UXLINK’s Odyssey mission extends into the first quarter of the upcoming year, forming partnerships with Web3 platforms like Peckshield, d.di, Galxe, TaskOn, Port3, drawing almost ten thousand participants. The mission focuses on group creation and participation, offering everyone the opportunity for early-bird UXLINK airdrops. For task details, visit official announcements.

UXLINK is the first SocialFi Dapp, seamlessly linking real-world trust to decentralized scenarios through Telegram group. As the inaugural trust-focused platform in the web3 space, UXLINK guides users from web2 to web3, fostering unity and empowering social asset building and socialized trading. Backed by top-notch investors and boasting a user base exceeding 1 million, UXLINK is committed to reshaping social interactions in web3.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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