Crypto Twitter Community Raises over $75k to Help Cancer Patient

The crypto community has always tried to improve the welfare of its members. They demonstrated their sympathy by raising $73,000 in funds for the treatment of a respected member who was affected by the financial burden of his cancer treatment.

The Full Details

Yopi, also known on Twitter as @kuyopi, has been part of the crypto ecosystem since July 2021, and he discovered that crypto is a welcome distraction to his health conditions. Furthermore, he could hold up during his six months of chemotherapy because of cryptocurrency.

During this time, he learned a little bit of Spanish, and he got engaged with the content of crypto personalities like Cobie. In addition, he shared messages, condolences and visions with others who were going through the same challenges as him, even in a system where users are primarily anonymous.

However, he received some disappointing news on 6 April. The Moroccan Royal Armed Forces Military Hospital conducted an MRI scan on his right hip and discovered “infiltrative damage to the medullary bone of the upper and middle third of the right femoral diaphysis in connection with a recurrence.” This sad news was a confirmation that his cancer had returned.

Yopi confirmed the news and added that he would need stem cell transplant therapy, according to the doctors. The primary treatment would be chemotherapy in this circumstance, but it was no longer attainable because he had passed through it before. Additionally, the insurance costs totalled $50,000, which is on the high side.

The Twitter user reached out to the Crypto community needing assistance. “Luck is the most important factor in life that is the most neglected; people [ppl] love to give all the credit to their success but never admit they were lucky.” He said.

Support Coming in for Yopi

A concerned Twitter user, @halo4dog1, shared an English translation of the letter to help readers understand the results.

Yopi’s tweet received much support with the help of DeFi investigator zachxbt. In addition, some of the crypto market’s leading figures pledged their support, including famous NFT artist, Cozomo, who is also legendary rapper Snoop Dogg, FTX U.S. President Brett Harrison, and TheShamdoo, among others.

Analysis of blockchain data reveals that Yopi’s wallet, titled beastmo.eth, received a total of 107 transactions — 94 in ETH, 5 in USDT, 3 in USDC, 2 in DAI, 1 in WETH, 1 in LINK, and 1 in APE, all in the fourteen hours following his tweet.
The donations increased his total wallet balance to $74, 268.60, surpassing his insurance bill by over 48.5%, and it is still on the rise.

Yopi declared his love and admiration for the crypto community in many emotional responses, thanking them for their warmth and kindness. “Man, this was unbelievable for me. I don’t know even what to say. I’m living in a dream and hope I will be born again; I love you guys.” He tweeted.

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