Coinbase Plans to Hire 2k Employees in 2022 Following Explosion of Web3 Applications

Coinbase Plans to Hire 2k Employees in 2022 Following Explosion of Web3 Applications

Cryptocurrencies are at a pivotal moment, ​​public adoption is at an all-time high, crypto companies are more visible than ever, and the explosion of Web3 applications opens up new opportunities every day.

Coinbase to Hire 2,000 Employees This Year

According to a blog post on February 15, Coinbase Global (COIN) Chief People Officer LJ Brock stated that the top-traded U.S. cryptocurrency exchange will hire up to 2,000 employees in 2022 to capitalize on growth opportunities in Web 3 and other areas.

The cryptocurrency exchange said in a blog post that it will strengthen its product, engineering and design teams because it sees huge product opportunities in the future of Web 3.

“We believe our industry is still in its infancy and building a pipeline of individual engagement is critical to driving the next generation of cryptocurrency use cases,” Brock wrote.

Coinbase also wants to add products to expand its offering, which hosts general content like NFTs and the Coinbase wallet.

Coinbase looks for candidates who prioritize qualities such as clear communication, efficient execution, and continuous learning. They are looking for people who choose to work in a mission-oriented way. They are also looking for people with the will and ability to live in cryptocurrencies, actively building their cryptocurrency expertise and sharing it with those around them.

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