Charles Hoskinson Prioritizes Global Impact Over Token Prices

Charles Hoskinson Reveals Mithril Upgrade, Rebuts Criticism

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently took to the X platform to stress the project’s mission of creating global impacts rather than focusing solely on asset prices. He highlighted the achievements of Cardano, emphasizing its transformative potential.

Hoskinson stated, “Cardano should not be equated as a Charles Hoskinson project… it’s not about a token or a price; it’s about making the world better for everybody.” He reflected on Cardano’s journey, pointing out the paradoxical criticism the project faces as it nears completion.

As Cardano approaches its goals, it faces increased scrutiny and skepticism. Hoskinson noted that the closer the project gets to completion, the more people seem to doubt its achievements. Despite significant progress, managing public perception remains a challenge in the crypto sector.

Achievements In Scalability, Interoperability And Governance

Hoskinson highlighted Cardano’s progress through various phases, from Byron to Voltaire. Each phase had specific goals that collectively strengthened the network. The Byron phase focused on launching the network, while the Shelly phase transitioned it from static and federated to dynamic and decentralized.

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He explained, “Byron was all about launching a cryptocurrency network… Shelly was about making that from static and Federated to Dynamic and decentralized…” Despite a 90% reduction in altcoin value, Cardano continued to advance. Notably, the altcoin market capitalization stands at $236.45 billion.

Hoskinson announced significant milestones in governance and scalability. Moreover, the imminent launch of the largest on-chain government and node 9.0 marks a significant step towards Cardano’s decentralized vision. Hoskinson revealed, “We will turn on the largest on-chain government in industry history… node 9.0 should be available this week or next.”

Real-World Applications And Broader Adoption

Looking ahead, Hoskinson emphasized the importance of broader adoption and real-world applications for the next 5 to 10 years in the crypto space. Cardano aims to leverage its strong community, deep research, and skilled engineers to drive impactful changes. Hoskinson proudly stated, “We have the strongest community, we have the best depth of research, and we have the best engineers and the best builders […] We are here to change the world and take you along for the ride.”

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Cardano’s meme coin RIO dropped 96% on June 27 after Hoskinson revealed his pet parrot’s name is Daisy, not Rio. Despite this, Cardano (ADA) traded at $0.4058, up 2.24% in the last 24 hours and 4.29% over the past week.

Additionally, Hoskinson criticized President Biden’s crypto policies, urging U.S. voters to prioritize cryptocurrency in the upcoming elections. He stressed blockchain technology’s importance in shaping America’s future, warning that a vote for Biden could hinder the crypto industry’s growth.

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