Charles Hoskinson Addresses Cardano Community on His X Engagement

Charles Hoskinson Addresses Cardano Community on His X Engagement

In a live YouTube broadcast from Colorado, Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, engages with the community, providing insights into the Cardano ecosystem and discussing project changes while showcasing the process.

Highlighting Cardano’s Role in the Ecosystem

As a key figure in the blockchain space, Hoskinson emphasizes Cardano’s pioneering role in the ecosystem. He mentions engagement with various projects like World Mobile, Axo, and Sunday Swap, some of which received investments from the Cardano Foundation’s fund.

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Clarification on Engagement Efforts

Hoskinson explains recent efforts to engage with different projects via Twitter Spaces. He clarifies that such engagements are not endorsements but rather a showcase of the diverse developments within the Cardano blockchain.

Acknowledging criticisms labeling Cardano as a ‘ghost chain’ lacking active projects, Hoskinson raises concerns about the unintended consequences of showcasing. Some viewers mistakenly perceive the showcases as wholesale endorsements of the projects, including their economic models and founders’ behaviors.

Temporary Suspension of Showcases

In light of recent issues with a scheduled Twitter Space involving a Cardano project, Hoskinson temporarily suspends such showcases. He expresses the need to implement more rigorous processes, including baseline evaluations and higher production quality formats, to ensure an open and objective representation of projects.

Hoskinson confirms plans to dial back showcases and cancel upcoming Twitter Spaces. He emphasizes the necessity to reset and reformat things, implementing more rigorous processes for evaluating projects.

Debut of Open Showcases

As a strong supporter of algorithmic stablecoins, Hoskinson aims to debut open showcases where community members can directly question a project’s team and ask them to address their concerns.

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