Cardano’s SundaeSwap Long-awaited Public Testnet Launch Has Been Delayed Due to Technical Problems

Cardano’s SundaeSwap Long-awaited Public Testnet Launch Has Been Delayed Due to Technical Problems

Since the deployment of smart contract functions in the Cardano network, users have been waiting for decentralized applications to be released on the blockchain. In this case, Cardano has received a lot of criticism for the delay.

Cardano’s SundaeSwap Public Testnet Launch is Expected to Take Place on December 6

According to an announcement on December 5, as the day for SundaeSwap to release the highly anticipated public testnet on Cardano, it came and went and enthusiastic users were greeted with… nothing! On the contrary, the team of the decentralized exchange informed its followers that the publication has been postponed due to previously undiscovered technical problems and is expected to take place on December 6, 2021.

The developer of the protocol SundaeSwap Labs started their tweet with a mysterious joke about renaming the platform “MondaeSwap” and revealed that a bug was discovered when the Scoopers of the protocol updated the Scooper license.

Because SundaeSwap is an Automatic Market Maker (AMM) DEX, it can fall victim to concurrency issues. To solve this problem, a governance spoon was introduced and selected in the protocol. These nodes create and submit transactions for all orders in the protocol so that many users can submit transactions at the same time without errors.

About six months ago DEX introduced itself to the world for the first time, even before the smart contract integration was deployed on the Cardano network. However, the lack of outside development and publication has resulted in many people losing trust in these two platforms, which is evident in SundaeSwap’s Twitter responses.

While many people claim that this delay will only further discredit Cardano, others have complained about the negative price movements of Cardano’s native token ADA. One user even said, “Just rebrand to Someday Swap already.” 

Nonetheless, others have also stood up in defense of Cardano, reminding users that creating and executing high-quality code takes time and patience. In a recent interview, Pi Lanningham, CIO of SundaeSwap Labs, also emphasized the importance of thoroughness in avoiding potential problems that could have serious repercussions in the future, including financial losses. He also claimed that the reason for the delay was to check that the log was free of errors before it was released to the public.

SundaeSwap Has No risk

Even so, Cardano’s development arm IOHK posted a long Twitter post yesterday describing possible flaws that users should be prepared for. It stated that they should Ignore all of the FUD because there will be mistakes, there will be congestion, and they are working hard to promote the network. which is the purpose of the testnet. It is also an important part of their future journey.

It is also said that congestion is a positive sign that the platform is receiving adequate traffic for a proper rating while encouraging users to find faults in the testnet so that the mainnet can start successfully. The company also reiterated that it will remain slow and cautious and ultimately “right” about the “core approach” of developing Cardano.

Given the history of dApps adoption so far, it’s understandable that SundaeSwap and IOHK insist on careful scrutiny. Within a week of the Alonzo hard fork in September, the multi-pool DEX Minswap became the first dApp launched on the Cardano public testnet, and it was also the first to fail. Users were quickly faced with concurrency issues such as errors when trying to exchange tokens and provide liquidity. SundaeSwap obviously has no risk.

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