Cardano’s New Deadly Weapon, KICK.IO, Set to Overthrow Ethereum

Cardano's New Deadly Weapon, KICK.IO, Set to Overthrow Ethereum

While some watchers have not been optimistic about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) lately, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts entering the field ignore any pessimistic views about DeFi while maintaining their optimism about DeFi. So far there have been many price fluctuations and market adjustments that have put many people’s patience to the test.

Hence, despite the ups and downs and extremes, the enthusiasts who are genuinely optimistic about DeFi still retain their position and vision for the future of DeFi, while the doubters take a step back. In order to further strengthen the DeFi ecosystem and close the gap that is not covered by the current DeFi leader Ethereum, the fundraising platform KICK.IO, based on the Cardano network, is being developed for launch in the near future.

Cardano to soon Replace Ethereum in the Overall Network Transactions

This may seem surprising, but as many analysts have said, the space that Ethereum has captured in DeFi won’t last forever. So far, the main reason Ethereum has dominated this space is to provide convenience to users. However, according to research by analysts, Cardano has successfully attracted a large number of users even a few years after the launch of Ethereum and is expected to soon replace Ethereum in terms of overall network transactions.

Right now, Ethereum users are disappointed with the high fees and long transaction times, in part due to the underlying proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism that has been adopted by Ethereum. Additionally, there has been uncertainty about the efficiency of the Ethereum environment, especially after analysts raised concerns about the inefficient Ethereum agreement.

Over time, traders and DeFi enthusiasts have become more aware of this space and are looking for alternatives that challenge Ethereum in terms of environment, transaction speed and fees. Among the many DeFi platforms launched in the past, Cardano is one of the promising platforms that can replace Ethereum, which was founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. Cardano is adopting Ouroboros, an evidence-based consensus algorithm, and plans to take a place in crypto through its own Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol to provide users with carbon-free and extremely fast transactions at extremely low fees.

KICK.IO to Support in the Funding of Promising Potential Blockchain Projects.

Although Cardano is the vision, KICK.IO is the ground agent bringing the industry to the Cardano network. It is expected that KICK.IO will soon provide a platform for Cardano’s extensive community to participate in the funding and support of promising potential blockchain projects.

The team behind KICK.IO, consisting of DeFi and traditional finance professionals, tirelessly designs a platform on which future innovative projects can be initiated, developed, recognized and successfully implemented. In order to protect the interests of the investors behind KICK.IO, the team will actively review projects and examine the potential projects for future financing. In this way, the DeFi environment led by Cardano is strategically transformed into the maturity and advancement of all users, investors and innovative developers in the field.

KICK.IO has received strong support and attention from private and institutional investors and will be unveiled to the public on September 15th but private sales started on July 28th. To enter and get a limited subscription and not to miss this opportunity during the Cardano bull market meeting, it is best to plan ahead and mark your calendar immediately for the iconic launch of a decentralized fundraising platform that will cover all of the DeFi- Will revolutionize space.

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