Cardano’s Most Anticipated 2021 Summit Set to Hold This Weekend

Cardano's Most Anticipated 2021 Summit Set to Hold This Weekend

Cardano blockchain has continued to push its way to the top, creating more awareness in the crypto space. The organisation announced its most anticipated 2021 summit to hold this weekend.

Summit to Hold in the United States, Europe and Africa

According to an announcement from Cardano’s blog today, the most significant event organised by the organisation to support the promotion and development of the blockchain will take place on September 25-26.

The summit will be held in different cities in the United States, Europe and Africa. The format of the conference is both physical presence and virtual. The registration for the summit is absolutely free, and interested persons can register on the summit website.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the organisation, believes the summit is an opportunity to show the world the results of six years of academic research, peer-reviewed and intense development.

Cardano plans on reviewing the recently introduced smart contract functions and also show the latest developments, including famous politicians, technology figures, scientists, published scientists in the field of blockchain, and participate in discussions on sustainability, regulation, blockchain adoption, and Cardano’s existence as the network makes the world stronger.

However, the crypto community is looking forward to the announcements and discussions on the development of Cardano’s Layer 2 scaling solution (Hydra), Since it is the next big thing for the network after its Alonzo Upgrade.

Cardano Integration of DeFi

The organisation investment arm (EMURGO) will present “Creative Blockchain Applications for Enterprises and Governments.” In contrast, the Cardano Foundation, a non-profit organisation responsible for Cardano’s long-term development, will focus on “Cardano‚Äôs trajectory towards providing social and financial services to the least developed parts of the world.”

Ken Kodama, the EMURGO CEO, says the event is unique since the blockchain will usher in decentralised application functions this year.

“Cardano is introducing decentralised finance, new NFTs and other decentralised services for an increasingly global user base. As one of the founding units of Cardano, we look forward to sharing our plans about Yoroi Wallet and our core businesses. More details to help develop these services.” Kodama said in an official press release yesterday.

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