Cardano’s ADAX Announces Partnership With Mate Tokay, the Co-founder of

Cardano’s ADAX Announces Partnership With Mate Tokay, the Co-founder of

ADAX is the most advanced decentralized transaction protocol based on Cardano and has announced a new strategic partnership with co-founder Mate Tokay. The legendary cryptocurrency investor placed his bet on ADAX by investing in the project and joined the strategic advisory team.

ADAX has a team with a successful track record in various crypto companies. By joining the team as a strategic advisor, Mate brings a wealth of experience, expertise and industry best practices to help the team expand the benefits of platform users on the Cardano network. The partnership also confirms the overall potential of ADAX as a future-oriented project and can only be seen as progress and added value for investors.

About Mate Tokay

Mate is a loyal supporter and enthusiast of Cardano and has chosen to join ADAX, a project based on the Cardano network, which is a huge asset for teams that believe Cardano is the future blockchain. He joined the ADAX team to advance his vision of bringing the world access to cryptocurrencies, including more financial services.

A well-known entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial journey began after graduating from Budapest International Business School in 2012. Mate was a member of the team at the dietary supplement company Superior14. He heard about Bitcoin later that year.

Mate set foot in Bitcoin in late 2012 and started mining with bespoke ASIC mining machines in mid-2013. Seeing the opportunity to share the evolution of the ecosystem, he founded, a Bitcoin news and reviews site, and later resold the site, creating with Roger Ver. His ultimate goal and passion are to use cryptocurrencies as much as possible and he enjoys attending conferences to meet newbies in the field. Mate is a versatile sports enthusiast, was a water ski world champion and currently likes CrossFit and tennis. As for Cardano, Mate has always been his loyal believer, and his first ADA bag costs less than 0.3 cents. Mate’s main goal and passion are to make cryptocurrencies as popular as possible, which is in line with the goals of ADAX and Cardano.

About ADAX

ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that enables fully decentralized and non-custodial transactions within the Cardano ecosystem. The platform aims to lower transaction costs and shorten online transactions, so it is not designed for an order book. The process of removing intermediaries, complexity, and awkwardness from the equation will provide users with complete freedom of trade without being censored or losing control of their assets. Decentralization aims to liberalize financial transactions, allow more users to access cryptocurrencies, and control their cryptocurrency data/assets without involving third parties. ADAX has set itself the goal of enabling more transparent, safer and faster transactions.

This partnership complements the strategic partnership that has been formed. Check Adax and Charli3 have signed a cooperation agreement.

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