Cardano Project Flickto Exceeds 1.5 Million ADA Staked One Month After Launch

Cardano Project Flickto Exceeds 1.5 Million ADA Staked One Month After Launch

Cardano’s Flickto project is revolutionizing media finance. Flickto uses the ISPO pool to finance projects through community partnerships. The media launchpad provides creators with the resources they need to produce content while also offering users the opportunity to generate passive income after completing the project by paying royalties.

Stake Cardano and Earn Flickto’s Native FLICK

Since its first launch on November 1st, Flickto has been a huge success. The number of agents on the platform has grown rapidly, and the number of ADAs pledged has also increased rapidly. Less than a month after its introduction, more than 1.5 ADAs have been staked on its ISPO delegator pool.

Users can stake their ADA and earn Flickto’s native FLICK token as a reward. The use of FLICK token pledges gives users the right to vote for the projects they want to fund. If the project is then approved by the wider community by voting for FLICK tokens, funding will be provided until the project is distributed. At which point users will start earning royalties.

Users can fund projects that will eventually appear on the big screens of theatres and television screens. As a result, the power of the media industry has been stripped from some groups and given to the community, completely removing the barriers to entry into this industry.

In addition to staking rewards from FLICK and ADA, users can also be rewarded by participating in polls. Plus, users are eligible for additional rewards, such as the recently completed Airdrop, which sees two NFTs go to users who have staked in the pool.

The Project Progress Since it Hits the Blockchain

Flickto is the first of its kind on the Cardano blockchain and has had great success since its inception. It has partnered with media industry veterans Ben Morris and Geraint Harvard Jones, who acted as advisors on the project. With decades of experience between the two, they will guide Flickto to explore the field of media project funding.

The community can select artists from various genres for funding. Flickto is not limited to film and television productions. NFT artists and content creators are another example of projects that users can vote on.

FLICK Private and Public Sales

Flickto has successfully completed the first phase of its private sales round. The next opportunity to acquire FLICK outside of ISPO is at the upcoming IDO. Private sales give users the opportunity to buy tokens at low prices.

Cardano-based projects will help accelerate Flickto’s delivery of efficient and transparent crowdfunding services.

The total supply of FLICK tokens is limited to 5,000,000,000, of which 1,000,000,000 FLICK tokens are sold in a private sale.

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