Cardano plans to Incorporate 50 Banks and 10 Fortune 500 Companies by 2026

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Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, stated that Cardano’s short-term goals are to enable at least 50 banks to use its native cryptocurrency, ADA. In setting goals for the next few years, management went on to claim that three Fortune 500 companies could use the token within three years and that number could rise to ten by 2026.

Cardano Short Term Goal: 50 banks and 3 Fortune 500 companies

In a recent online presentation, Gregaard outlined the foundation’s short and long-term goals behind Cardano, one of the most popular blockchain projects. He emphasized the importance of large companies adopting native digital assets.

Therefore, one of the most important parts that the company will focus on over the next year and a half is providing “Utility Token ADA” that you can work with on our blockchain for 50 banks.

If the foundation achieves this goal, ADA holders can use the Cardano blockchain to convert tokens into various fiat currencies or other coins.

Goals for the next few years – through 2024 – including increasing the number of on-chain activities by users and operating wallets to reduce the need for people to use third-party services to interact with blockchain projects.

In addition, the Cardano Foundation plans to include at least three large Fortune 500 organizations in its ecosystem. In addition to introducing them to the benefits of blockchain, Gregaard stated that the foundation would like them to hold and use ADA.

2026: 10 Fortune 500 companies

Over the next five years, the foundation plans to make the entire blockchain self-sufficient and run by the community, which coincides with the arrival of the Voltaire era. By then, Cardano DLT should have at least 1 billion users. This will help Cardano provide services to at least one country.

In addition, the number of Fortune 500 companies that own and use ADA tokens is expected to increase to at least 10 by 2026.

To achieve its ambitious goals, the foundation has implemented a two-stage plan that includes increasing demand for blockchain and coins while offering “great and decentralized” products

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