Cardano Investment Plan to Make $1 Million: ADA Price Targets

Cardano Investment Plan to Make $1 Million: ADA Price Targets

Cardano investors must commit substantial amounts at the current price of $0.42 to make $1 million if ADA reaches ambitious targets such as $5.18, $15.14, and $23.26. The crypto market is currently in a bearish phase, and Cardano has not escaped the predominant selling pressure. Furthermore, ADA is witnessing a more concerning trend than the rest of the market, as it fails to capitalize on occasional market upswings but gets caught up in the corrections that follow.

Cardano’s Price Struggles

Earlier this month, Bitcoin (BTC) spiked beyond $71,000, triggering an uptrend in the broader crypto market. While most cryptocurrencies recorded similar price surges, ADA could not make a decisive move. Interestingly, Cardano rose to a two-week peak of $0.49 that day but dropped sharply, ending the day with a 1.96% decline. Now that Bitcoin is correcting from the previous spike, along with the rest of the market, ADA has also faced the impact, down 7.57% over the past week. 

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Despite this concerning trend, some market analysts believe Cardano can pull out of the bearish situation, projecting multiple price targets. For instance, analyst Sebastian recently argued that Cardano can reclaim the $3 price level in 2024, outlining four major catalysts that could drive a price surge to this threshold. He further projected ADA to reach $2 by August this year, citing the upcoming Chang hard fork. Moreover, the crypto exchange Changelly has set several ambitious price goals for Cardano, including $5.18, $15.14, and even $23.26. Analysts at Changelly have presented timelines for ADA to hit these targets.

ADA Needed To Make $1M

These projections have renewed optimism among investors, with some looking to secure as much as $1 million for when Cardano records the much-anticipated breakout. Consequently, The Crypto Basic recently assessed how much an investor would need now to reach this target at varying price goals. Notably, to reach $1 million at the $5.18 value, an investor needs to hold 193,050 ADA tokens. 

Source: CoinMarketCap

These tokens can be procured for $81,949 at the current Cardano price of $0.4245. For this $5.18 price, Changelly sees Cardano hitting its maximum price in January 2030. Meanwhile, at the $15.14 price, investors require much fewer tokens to sit on a $1 million investment, amounting to 66,050 Cardano. A market participant looking to purchase these tokens would amass them with $28,038 at the current ADA price. 

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Interestingly, Changelly expects Cardano to clinch $15.14 in October 2032. For the audacious $23.26 price target, Cardano investors must purchase 42,992 tokens to reach the $1 million investment goal, with the tokens currently valued at $18,250. Analysts at Changelly believe ADA can reach the $23.26 price in December 2033.

Despite current bearish trends, optimistic projections for Cardano’s future prices have spurred investor interest. Significant investments now could potentially yield substantial returns if ADA reaches these projected targets.

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