Cardano Founder’s Predictions for Blockchain Project Came True; Slams Critic

Cardano Founder: Blaming Binance for FTX Fall is a Big Joke

The creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur who isn’t hesitant to take on detractors and correct them. 

Hoskinson recently slammed a critic who made fun of him for breaking his promises and failing to live up to Cardano users’ expectations. 

Hoskinson discredits the troll by focusing on Cardano’s accomplishments.

Under Mr Charles’s alias, the critic posted a screenshot of Hoskinson’s 2020 tweet. 

Hoskinson told supporters of Cardano in the tweet that the top blockchain initiatives will reach important milestones the following year, including having hundreds of assets with a wide range of utilities and thousands of decentralised applications.

The critic’s caption for Hoskinson’s forecast for 2021 read, “Blah blah blah more under promises, Under deliver Brother.”

Hoskinson Gave a Resounding Reply to Silence Critic

Twenty people liked and retweeted the post, and Hoskinson responded with a forceful retort to quiet the critic. 

Hoskinson responded to the tweet by saying that the fact that the “babbling i*iots” were happy to RT the post was a nice irony, given his projections for Cardano.

Hoskinson claims that the Cardano network has over 100 decentralised applications, 6 million native assets, 3.6 million wallets, and more than 1,000 dAps in active development.

“So yeah, it actually came true. Please tell the world that you’re stu**d,” Hoskinson said. 

Hoskinson has a reputation for constantly answering criticism, no matter who the critic is. 

Hebroadlyy addresses attacks that aim to undermine the development and successes of the Cardano project in his response.

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Hoskinson has been in a verbal brawl with Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital, and Terra founder Do Kwon over the previous few months.

When Solana experienced a network failure, Hoskinson suggested an old Nintendo game repair to the company’s developers as a potential solution.

Significant Achievements for Cardano Over the Years

For more than five years of existence, Cardano has achieved notable achievements. 

Notably, since being live in 2017, Cardano has not had any downtime. This accomplishment is the product of the continuous research and development carried out by the Input-Output Global (IOG) experts, the organisation in charge of Cardano’s research and development.

It’s interesting to note that the IOG has kept strengthening the team with crucial new hires. 

It was revealed earlier this month that Dr Vanishree Rao, the principal architect of the Mina Protocol, had joined the Cardano team as Head of Cryptography. 

Cardano has regularly led development activities for other well-known cryptocurrency projects like Ethereum and Solana.

Additionally, Cardano’s continuous development has enabled the project to outperform thousands of competing cryptocurrencies in terms of social and market activity.

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