Cardano Founder’s Opinion on Unethical Projects on the Blockchain

Cardano Founder's Opinion on Unethical Projects on the Blockchain

In the recent Ask Me Any Questions conference, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson addressed everything from personal insults and problems related to communism to Alonzo’s hard fork against Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson Live Conference

In his opinion shared on a live meeting on Youtube, One of the questions for Hoskinson concerns his views on unethical projects on the Cardano blockchain. But are these just things to grapple with, one user asked?

However, Hoskinson’s answer is a strong “no”. He said the reason is that it’s an open infrastructure. By definition, if the infrastructure is open, it can be used by good and bad people alike.

He added that it is the point of Voltaire; it is the role of the catalyst. It is the importance of the ambassador and the foundation and the importance of the brain.

Cardano Roadmap

According to the Cardano roadmap, Voltaire is the fifth and final evolutionary stage of the blockchain project. With the introduction of the financing and coordination system, the network users should be able to participate in the development of Cardano, as it comes from the management of the IOHK.

At the same time, Catalyst has contributed to a significant number of Cardano project proposals. In addition, the community site accepts suggestions, allows votes, and has quality reviewers or “community advisors”.

Other ideas such as user governance and authentication of Dapps and Dapp stores will be among the topics of the upcoming Cardano Summit.

Next, Hoskinson reminded the audience that, unlike robbery or break-in, encryption fraud is not “one-way”. As an example, he cited the ADA giveaway scam on YouTube. In the past, old videos were used to trick viewers into sending money. Smaller channels have been hacked for the same reason.

However, Hoskinson has also raised YouTube’s responsibility on the matter. He accused the video hosting giant of making money by deceiving users with videos from “the entire industry”.

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